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How to spell VAREY correctly?

If you have typed "varey" instead of the correct spelling, "vary", don't fret! Simple suggestions to rectify this minor error include typing "vary" instead or using the phrase "differ" or "fluctuate" to convey the intended meaning. These alternatives will ensure effective communication and precise writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell varey correctly

  • are
  • area The new mall has a huge indoor play area for children.
  • bare I had to walk across the hot sand with bare feet.
  • care I really care about you and want to ensure that you are happy and healthy.
  • Carey It's Carey's birthday today!
  • Cary My grandma loved Cary Grant.
  • dare
  • fare
  • frey
  • gary Gary was excited to start his new job in the marketing department.
  • grey The skies were grey and ominous before the storm hit.
  • hare
  • mare
  • mary Mary is looking forward to her vacation in Hawaii.
  • nary There was nary a cloud in the sky on that beautiful summer day.
  • pare I need to pare down my to-do list to focus on what's most important.
  • prey The lion stalked its prey silently through the grasslands.
  • rare
  • tare I have to tare the meat before it's cooked.
  • trey My little brother, Trey, was always up for a good time.
  • urey I cannot believe that you would say that, it's so urey.
  • vale The vale appeared placid and serene.
  • Valery Valery loved to sail.
  • valley The valley below was lush and green in the summer sun.
  • vane The vane on the chimney was broken.
  • varese She listened to a Varese CD in her car while driving home.
  • varied Some people enjoyed the varied activities on offer.
  • varies The amount of sunlight on this plant varies depending on the season.
  • variety The grocery store has a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.
  • VARS The coach made some strategic VARS changes to the lineup before the big game.
  • vary The prices of the products vary depending on the size and quality.
  • vase I put the flowers in the vase after adding water to it.
  • very
  • vireo
  • ware The ware in the grocery store is marked down 70%.
  • wares
  • WAREZ I'm looking for warez of games for my computer.
  • wary The hiker was wary of the steep drop off on the mountain trail.

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