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How to spell VARGE correctly?

If you're constantly mistyping "v-a-r-g-e", fear not! Here are a few possible correct alternatives to help you spell it right. Try "v-a-r-g-u-e" for a similar-sounding word with a different meaning. Alternatively, "v-e-r-g-e" or "v-a-r-i-g" might also be what you're looking for. Keep practicing, and you'll conquer this misspelling in no time!

List of suggestions on how to spell varge correctly

  • age Age is just a number, it doesn't define who you are or what you can do.
  • argo
  • argue I don't want to argue with you, can we just agree to disagree?
  • barge The barge was loaded with equipment for the construction site.
  • cage I want to get out of this cage.
  • charge The waiter forgot to charge us for the extra drink.
  • gage The engineer used a gage to measure the thickness of the metal plate.
  • large
  • larger Food is always a good way to welcome a larger person in your life.
  • marge
  • Margie Margie liked to bake cookies every week.
  • page I need to turn to the next page of my book in order to continue reading.
  • rage I had such a rage when I found out they canceled our reservation.
  • sage She became a sage after she retired from her job.
  • Sarge Private First Class Sarge was always the first to jump into battle.
  • urge
  • vague The instructions for the assignment were too vague, leaving me unsure of what was expected of me.
  • vale This is the land of the vale.
  • vane The vane on the mast was rotating rapidly.
  • Vang She always wears a vang around her neck.
  • vargas
  • VARS The VARS system is used by the military for tactical decision making.
  • vary The prices vary depending on the size of the product.
  • vase She knocked over the vase and managed to break it into pieces.
  • verge
  • Verged The tree is verged on the edge of the river.
  • verger The verger led the procession down the aisle of the church.
  • verges The garden's path was lined with beautiful flowers on the verges.
  • Virgie I met Virgie at the diner.
  • virgo She is a Virgo personality type.
  • wage I need to find a job that pays a wage.
  • ware I bought some new ware at the store.

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