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How to spell VARIEY correctly?

If you meant to type "variety", here are some plausible suggestions. With a similar sound, you could try "verity" (meaning truth) or "verily" (meaning truly). However, for correct spelling, the word you're looking for is "variety", which refers to a diverse range of things.

List of suggestions on how to spell variey correctly

  • Carey
  • Marie
  • varied Her wardrobe consisted of a varied collection of clothes from different eras.
  • varies The price of gas varies depending on location and time of year.
  • variety The supermarket offered a great variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • vary The prices of houses in this area vary depending on their location and size.
  • verier Roger is a very verier man.
  • verify The bank will verify your identity with your ID card.
  • verily
  • verity
  • warier After being tricked before, she had become much warier of strangers.
  • warily She walked warily through the dark and deserted alleyway, keeping an eye out for any potential danger.

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