What is the correct spelling for VARIOUES?

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Correct spelling for VARIOUES

We think the word varioues is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for varioues

  • aries The tenth of March when Aries receiued Dan Phoebus raies into his horned head, And I my selfe by learned lore perceiued That Ver approcht and frosty winter fled I crost the Thames to take the cheerefull aire, In open fields, the weather was so faire.
  • arius True, Gorgias lived over again in his dreams the frightful spectacle witnessed the day before; but when the sun of the 2d day of August rose in full radiance over Alexandria and, early in the morning, boat after boat reached the Serpent Island, landing first Berenike and her nephews, the sons of the honoured philosopher Arius, then clients, officials, and friends of Dion, and former favourite guests of Barine, to greet the young pair and escort them from the refuge which had so long sheltered them back to the city and their midst, new and pleasant impressions robbed the gloomy picture of a large portion of its terrors.
  • arouse He was well inside McAllen's guard; only carelessness could arouse the old man's suspicions again, and Barney was not going to be careless.
  • caries In all cases of severe pain in the head, it is a golden rule to inquire most carefully as to the possible existence, present or past, of discharge from the ear, or other signs of caries of the temporal bone; and, even if no positive history of this kind be given, we should still regard with great suspicion any case in which there has been scarlet fever followed by deafness.
  • carious
  • carouse
  • curious
  • furious
  • serious
  • vacuous
  • values
  • varese
  • variate
  • varicose
  • varied
  • various
  • variously
  • vicarious
  • vicious
  • virus
  • wares
  • Vagarious
  • Varieties
  • Verities
  • vapours
  • Darius
  • Marius
  • Virtues
  • verifies
  • varies
  • warriors
  • wearies
  • roues
  • vireos
  • crop-raisings
  • undelicious
  • cross-race
  • head-turner
  • mini-empire

298 words made from the letters varioues

4 letter words made from varioues:

revi, evro, iesu, eira, raiu, savu, auro, rues, suiv, rose, iove, aveo, uria, areo, rove, vour, svir, rieu, rave, sear, iora, suar, ruvo, viau, rivo, vise, iure, veio, raue, suro, rase, save, asur, roue, oure, seoi, suir, suer, svar, siev, suea, sire, oseu, suao, esau, soua, uvea, seor, saru, suoi, ieva, veau, sari, eous, user, soar, auer, eruv, vuai, vues, suor, arse, over, uvae, ares, vies, suva, siau, sore, vier, siar, asio, saue, oser, visa, vase, viru, vuoi, rosa, airs, ruse, aves, ruea, rouv, vusi, ovis, raie, sour, avus, viae, euro, ives, raus, euoi, ries, vous, ruia, saor, viso, riou, avos, aero, eris, viro, vora, rova, vrou, urie, sure, eros, sura, visu, rous, raio, eriu, rise, aver, siva, rive, arui, urea, aire, aevi.

5 letter words made from varioues:

rouse, oveur, ioves, roves, reios, viera, suero, sauer, seora, viseu, vireo, urase, soria, voris, servi, ourie, ourea, ouaer, arous, suare, vrous, versi, sirve, iover, sauve, aveos, savor, usora, aesir, revis, soavi, surae, eorsi, servo, rusia, oesia, rusie, oaves, aiver, rseau, viser, sauri, orisa, sario, rosea, euroa, soeur, soire, arvos, raivo, aures, resia, serov, suave, aries, varus, ursae, serva, verio, vires, vairo, saver, aurie, vause, rivas, eruvs, veras, asirv, soare, sarvo, ivars, uraos, reais, ousia, verus, evros, saive, aevus, seria, saori, soura, avers, viars, rivos, urvas, savir, vaire, osier, roues, ivers, uvira, vraie, evora, varsi, vares, verso, sauro, raise, eorsa, sveio, suire, voser, voies, viers, asier, visuo, visor, viura, isaev, virus, arius, uraei, virsa, siruv, savio, voars, suevi, oesau, veria, arise, rusev, ivrea, orvis, vario, veroa, ioras, soave, versu, siero, vairs, viure, aurei, orius, visao, varie, surve, ureas, ouais, vieau.

3 letter words made from varioues:

iva, ear, rev, oas, oar, uro, avo, esr, ras, iou, sur, eos, sue, suv, oui, sir, use, rio, var, era, air, rue, irs, iso, ire, usa, roe, sou, ore, vas, are, res, vie, sea, ies, ira.

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