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How to spell VASSE correctly?

If you meant to write "vasse", you may have intended to write "vase". A vase is a decorative container typically used for displaying flowers. Other possible alternatives may include "base", "case" or "asse". Remember to proofread and double-check your spelling to avoid confusion and ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell vasse correctly

  • base The base of the pyramid was wider than its tip.
  • bass She played a beautiful melody on her bass guitar.
  • case
  • cassie I adopted a cassie as my new dog.
  • ease The medicine helped to ease my headache.
  • gasser Jacques uses a gasser to clean the mess.
  • LASE The surgeon decided to lase the patient's cornea to correct their poor vision.
  • lass We went to the pub for a lass night out.
  • lassie Nancy took her little lassie for a walk.
  • mass The mass of the object is too heavy to carry by myself.
  • Massey The Massey family owns a large dairy in New Zealand.
  • nasser
  • pass I will pass the ball to you during the game.
  • passe The old fashion trend is passe now.
  • passer The passer on the street nodded and smiled at me as he walked by.
  • SASE Please include a SASE with your request for a signed copy of my book.
  • sass I can'tstand her sass
  • sse
  • TASS I need to get a copy of the TASS news agency.
  • VACS It is important to make sure that all children receive their necessary VACS on schedule to prevent the spread of disease.
  • vale In her garden, she grows violets, which she calls her "vale.
  • valise I packed my essentials into my small valise and left for my weekend getaway.
  • Vance Vance is my cousin's name.
  • vane The vane on the weathervane pointed to the north.
  • vans I like to wear vans when I skateboard.
  • varese
  • VARS It's time to report to the VARS room.
  • vase She carefully placed the freshly cut flowers in the elegant vase.
  • vases My grandma has a large collection of vases.
  • vassal The kingdom is ruled by a vassal monarch.
  • Vassar
  • vast The vast wilderness stretched out before them.
  • vaster
  • VATS VATS is a linear accelerator used in particle physics.
  • verse He recited a beautiful verse from his favorite poem at the poetry reading.
  • vessel The ship's crew was responsible for maintaining the vessel's engines.
  • vise He secured the piece of wood in the vise and began sawing away.
  • waste I couldn't bear to see the landfill full of my waste.
  • wrasse The wrasse dart through the water, hunting small fish.

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