What is the correct spelling for VERATILE?

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Correct spelling for VERATILE

We think the word veratile is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for veratile

  • prattle Sundays and holidays, I like, of all things, a good prattle Of war and fighting, and the whole array, When back in Turkey, far away, The peoples give each other battle.
  • rattle Peckover with an effort arrested his jaw in the act of falling, and snapped it to with a rattle of the teeth.
  • rattler But I've got another one, a rattler."
  • readily The schooner was readily found.
  • retail 8779. You do not make a difference for the retail?
  • retailer The dapper little retailer frowned slightly at Dennis's tone, and continued: "You spoke as if main strength was the principal thing.
  • variate By the normal approximation to a binomial this is the squared of one standard normal variate, and hence is distributed as chi-squared with 1 degree of freedom.
  • verily Verily, these horsemen, each of them worthy to be a prince in his pride, could find it no very hard task to subdue the mightiest realms on earth.
  • veritable The result would be a veritable apotheosis of political fissiparousness.
  • versatile The art of reading proverbs has not, indeed, always been acquired even by some of their admirers; but my observations, like their subject, must be versatile and unconnected; and I must bespeak indulgence for an attempt to illustrate a very curious branch of literature, rather not understood than quite forgotten.
  • vestal Presumably, the faces and the figures do not flatter the sacred maidens, for they are neither beautiful nor graceful; but they give us their names, and, what is perhaps of still greater interest, they represent the Vestal dress.
  • virile The French, though correct and polished, is not virile, living French.
  • volatile Aristotle had nothing of the austerity of the philosopher, though his works are so austere: he was open, pleasant, and even charming in his conversation; fiery and volatile in his pleasures; magnificent in his dress.
  • wearily "I don't know," Copplestone replied wearily.
  • Verities It is the light eternal of Sigier, Who, reading lectures in the Street of Straw, Did syllogize invidious verities.
  • veritably The Hindu name for love-"a pain in the heart"-was veritably hers in its intensity; the sahib's arm about her when she had closed her eyes had caused her to feel as if she were being lifted to heaven.

311 words made from the letters veratile

5 letter words made from veratile:

alert, ivete, arete, valer, arvee, alite, alive, viale, ralte, eater, ravil, eteri, raeti, vitae, elvet, vilar, atire, leare, varie, arlit, litre, viler, etail, leive, avere, viral, elite, telae, velit, tavli, vraie, reial, tilea, ravel, evert, vital, valet, irate, eiler, evile, aliev, letea, tavil, telia, ertle, eletr, livet, iater, viera, letra, tiele, relev, rival, altri, vlaie, raite, revel, trave, eliav, vitra, aiver, eleia, tiree, liart, taver, leira, trail, itera, later, trela, alire, vatel, avert, aleve, vetri, leear, leiva, tavel, reate, veria, velar, alver, teera, teare, lirae, terai, ative, talei, verit, viter, velte, verel, relie, eitel, rieve, reali, ritva, ilave, reale, leave, elver, laver, ervil, veale, lever, reila, rivet, vaire, elate, ereli, velir, tarve, atler, vitre, taler, retia, alete, velie, liter, areel, ratee, liver, artel, leite, levit, viele, virta, liera, vieta, reave, levie, alier, alter, retie, alere, laeti, tiler, etive, ertel, reive, reile, ratel, vleet, aerie, ivrea, verte, teria, alevi, tarle, trial, vliet, retal.

4 letter words made from veratile:

iler, eira, levi, ever, ertl, evtl, tvri, rate, ieva, eile, veli, tevi, viel, leer, liar, evit, airt, eter, erie, vlie, reit, vial, tear, liet, rete, vart, rial, riel, lavi, lear, taee, evli, liev, revi, vril, aril, lari, veel, ivel, teli, trel, leit, rive, lert, teal, evel, vlei, vale, aire, elvi, erei, earl, rail, rile, atle, eire, alvi, elia, ilva, vali, lave, tver, lira, leti, viae, tier, lite, elea, tera, real, tree, evat, tile, vile, vela, veal, rite, reel, laev, late, alee, leiv, elei, taei, evil, eier, rave, etre, rale, tail, trei, tale, eral, veer, raie, tiel, ilet, laie, live, aver, tire, tive, vila, veil, reti, teav, tael, lair, tare, vier, aevi.

3 letter words made from veratile:

tea, are, eta, lit, let, ira, ert, air, eve, era, tri, ear, lat, tee, ate, lei, art, ret, lea, iva, ale, tie, ler, rat, var, ail, lvi, ter, rev, lee, evl, vet, eel, vat, eat, rit, tia, lev, alt, ali, tar, lav, lir, vie, tai, ire, liv, lie.

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