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How to spell VERIS correctly?

If you're constantly mistyping "veris", fret not! Here are some apt alternatives to consider: "virus", referring to a harmful computer program or "veritas", the Latin word for truth. These suggestions can help you avoid confusion and ensure accuracy in your communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell veris correctly

  • aeries The sun is setting in the aeries.
  • cerise The cerise was a beautiful pink color.
  • eris My car has a eris emblem on the hood.
  • eros Eros is the Greek god of love and attraction.
  • errs Even the most skilled professional sometimes errs in their work.
  • Ferris She went ferris wheeling.
  • gris The sky was gris and the temperature was unseasonably cold.
  • iris She had an iris poem drafted but never sent.
  • Kris The new Kris Kringle is charming.
  • series Series are a good way to improve your memory.
  • URIS Leon Uris was an American author known for his historical fiction novels.
  • varies The price of gasoline varies depending on the current market conditions.
  • VARS
  • veers
  • veils
  • Veins The veins in my arm are starting to show.
  • Vera I never met Vera, but I heard she was a very nice person.
  • verbs Please use verbs in your sentence.
  • verges
  • verier Although it's an old word, verier has recently started appearing in dictionaries as aemeaning "very believable.
  • veriest The veriest of the vermin infested theraputic center.
  • verify I want to verify that the file is accurate.
  • verily Verily, I say unto thee, thou shalt not be disappointed.
  • verity The verity of the information given is unquestionable.
  • verse I thought I would verse you a song, just to show you my style.
  • verses She always memorizes the verses from her favorite book.
  • verso I couldn't find the verso of the painting, so I flipped it over to see if there was any other information.
  • versos Mi poema tiene treinta versos.
  • Versus Versus is a word meaning "versus" or "opposite.
  • very I am very excited for my vacation.
  • VETS The VETS clinic provides affordable healthcare for pets in the community.
  • virus There is a virus circulating through the school.

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