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How to spell VERSERS correctly?

If you meant to type "versers" but it turned out to be a misspelling, some possible correct suggestions could be "verses", "versus" or "vergers". "Verses" refers to lines of poetry or song lyrics, "versus" indicates a competition or comparison, while "vergers" denotes individuals who assist in religious ceremonies.

List of suggestions on how to spell versers correctly

  • veers The bus veers to the left as the driver tries to avoid a pothole in the road.
  • vergers The vergers work to keep the church clean.
  • verges
  • verniers The mechanic used verniers to accurately measure the distance between two parts of the machine.
  • verse I can recite the entire first verse of the poem.
  • versed As a history major, she was well-versed in analyzing primary sources.
  • verses I love to read religious verses in the morning to start my day with positivity.
  • versos
  • Versus The football match will be between Manchester United versus Arsenal.
  • vespers During the vespers service, the choir sang beautiful hymns.
  • vessels I had forgotten to bring my vessels.

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