What is the correct spelling for VERTIAL?

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Correct spelling for VERTIAL

We think the word vertial is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for vertial

  • martial "It lends to that intellectual face something martial.
  • partial I won't be too partial."
  • veal Beef, veal and mutton, better for digestion.
  • veil Over the rest of that interview it is well to draw a veil.
  • venal Carlile, however, was no hypocrite, nor did he take this new course for venal ends.
  • venial The old distinction between deadly sins and venial sins has in it only an element of truth.
  • verbal For, at first, whenever I told my constable, says I-"Catch that fellow, and bring him up for trial"-away he went, and the fellow must come, dead or alive; for we considered this a good warrant, though it was only in verbal writings.
  • verily His lips formed for words and she thought he was going to say, " Verily, Princess, thou hast found favor-" "Le' 's go fishin'," the Prince said.
  • vernal Rest thee between our extended wings: we fly up to Sulitelma, the island's eye, as the mountain is called; we fly from the vernal green valley, up over the snow-drifts, to the mountain's top, whence thou canst see the North Sea, on yonder side of Norway.
  • vertical It was decided to let her sink straight down, instead of descending by means of the vertical rudders.
  • vial By the orders of his Majesty, transmitted through the minister of the interior, there was also presented to M. d'Astros, canon of Notre Dame, a box containing the crown of thorns, a nail, and a piece of the wood of the true cross, and a small vial, containing, it was said, some of the blood of our Lord, with an iron scourge which Saint Louis had used, and a tunic which had also belonged to that king.
  • viral Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever - tick-borne viral disease; infection may also result from exposure to infected animal blood or tissue; geographic distribution includes Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe; sudden onset of fever, headache, and muscle aches followed by hemorrhaging in the bowels, urine, nose, and gums; mortality rate is approximately 30%.
  • virgil The exigencies of his chronology compelled Virgil to fill a blank space of three hundred years with the shadowy forms of a line of Alban kings.
  • virtual Many are, however, still embarrassed, and some even in virtual servitude, this being the result of their own indolence and misconduct.
  • vital There was a little more talk, pro and con, and then the two men parted as men can do, after a heated and vital discussion, apparently on the best of terms.

256 words made from the letters vertial

4 letter words made from vertial:

leti, elvi, riel, viel, tera, taei, reit, ieva, rate, viae, late, atle, vart, vale, tire, ilet, lair, laev, tier, trei, vali, tare, rial, tael, liar, vela, evat, teal, alvi, vier, veli, levi, airt, tevi, lite, trel, vlei, tale, aevi, evil, tear, rail, rale, lear, rave, elia, ivel, liet, ertl, tail, aril, evli, tile, vila, tive, liev, teav, aire, lira, veal, tvri, tver, rite, vril, aver, leiv, eira, tiel, real, reti, lave, raie, evtl, lavi, lari, revi, ilva, lert, vial, vile, leit, rive, eral, rile, live, veil, evit, teli, laie, vlie, earl, iler.

3 letter words made from vertial:

iva, alt, ira, ail, are, ert, lav, vet, air, ler, tia, eta, ale, ear, let, rit, tea, rev, art, evl, tri, ate, ali, vat, rat, lei, lea, ter, ret, ire, lit, eat, var, lat, tie, liv, vie, lir, tar, era, lie, lev, lvi, tai.

6 letter words made from vertial:

retial, airtel, vitrea, tariel, rivale, litera, valier, variet, evitar, vratil, revati, levita, iteral, taiver, varlet, lative, travie, travel, livret, altier, alrite, retail.

5 letter words made from vertial:

velir, alert, ravil, trail, altri, artel, velit, vaire, telia, ratel, arlit, valet, avert, raite, letra, viler, rivet, velar, atler, tavli, talei, alier, ative, vital, reali, tiler, valer, trial, rival, vatel, iater, liera, teria, trave, ravel, tavil, leiva, ervil, itera, vitra, veria, atire, ilave, tavel, laver, lirae, ritva, liart, aiver, levit, viale, later, viral, vieta, terai, retia, tilea, vraie, tarle, taver, etail, vilar, viera, leira, ralte, tarve, litre, taler, vlaie, ivrea, eliav, laeti, aliev, viter, reial, livet, liter, alive, vliet, trela, vitre, liver, verit, raeti, alite, alevi, virta, vitae, retal, alter, reila, varie, vetri, alver, alire, irate.

7 letter words made from vertial:

relativ, levitra.

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