Correct spelling for VETUAL

We think the word vetual is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for vetual

  • deal Claude played to him a great deal of it.
  • dual Continuing in that position until May 1, 1868, he resigned to accept the position of organist in St. John's Episcopal Church, Oakland, remaining there until May 1, 1872, when he was appointed organist and tenor of the First Congregational Church of San Francisco, serving in this dual capacity for forty years.
  • fetal Since the bones of the pelvis are rigid, while those of the fetal skull are malleable, the head is molded as it descends into the pelvic cavity, so that its passage may be made the easier.
  • metal There was a singular lack of all those little objects which encumbered the drawing-room of Carvel Place; there was not a bit of porcelain or glass, nor a paper-knife, nor any kind of metal object.
  • mutual To the others' relief Benjamin Crane told his wife of their mutual loss.
  • petal This will also enable you to curl the petal into form with the fingers, without splitting the edges.
  • ritual The ritual of the natoas will be found in Volume 7, pp.
  • steal The moon-rays steal in after us between the trembling leaves.
  • teal Overhead a red squirrel barked and frisked, and across the pale-blue sky, feathered nomads, teal or mallard, moved swiftly en echelon, their quivering pinions flashing like silver, as they fled southward.
  • veal The lieutenant who detained her person was reprimanded, and by vote of the provincial congress she was permitted to enter Boston with "seven trunks; all the beds with the furniture to them; all the boxes and crates; a basket of chickens, and a bag of corn; two barrels and a hamper; two horses and two chaises, and all the articles in the chaise, excepting arms and ammunition; one phaeton; some tongues, ham, and veal; and sundry small bundles."
  • veda Yet each Veda exists in several recensions handed down by oral tradition in separate schools, and though the exact text and pronunciation are matters of the utmost importance, diversities of opinion respecting them are tolerated and honoured.
  • veil 6 the veil has just been torn apart.
  • vela Such was the sad end of Blasco Nunez Vela, first viceroy of Peru.
  • venal Thus it easily happened that more and more the better class of Negroes followed the advice from abroad and the pressure from home, and took no further interest in politics, leaving to the careless and the venal of their race the exercise of their rights as voters.
  • venial Falsehood, kindly falsehood, venial falsehood, sublime falsehood, horrible falsehood,-but always the necessity to lie.
  • verbal He sent the messenger, a wild-looking North-countryman, back with a verbal answer to that effect, and named a date when they would arrive.
  • vernal The country through which Niagara passes is comparatively level, interspersed here and there with hills of "vernal loveliness."
  • vertical It rests on iron brackets driven into the face of vertical cliffs 310 ft.
  • vestal Irrespective of birth, beauty, and wit, which was the principal merit of my new conquest, prejudice was there to enhance a hundredfold my felicity, for she was a vestal: it was forbidden fruit, and who does not know that, from Eve down to our days, it was that fruit which has always appeared the most delicious!
  • vet Bertie, run and tell Jarvis to drive in for the Vet.
  • veto If passed there, it is ready for the President's signature; if vetoed, the bill is lost, unless passed over the veto by a two-thirds vote of both houses.
  • vial At last she saw her sons, and was swooping down, when Diarmuid rose with a bound into the air and struck the vial a league out of her hand.
  • victual Leastways he'll be gone to see feyther, and he'll need comfort most on all, in a fremd place-in Bridewell-and niver a morsel of victual or a piece o' money.
  • vidal For these matters vitally touched Jim Galloway and his swollen prestige among his henchmen; he had thrown the cloak of his protection about Vidal, had summoned him, promised him all safety .
  • virtual These interruptions, and in fact, the virtual suspension of this commerce, will undoubtedly, if a liberal and enlightened policy is pursued, result greatly to the advantage of these islands and the mother country.
  • virtually The commercial life of Venice is virtually at a standstill.
  • vistula Tell your sovereign to take that into consideration, Count Meerfeldt; it is neither Austria, nor France, nor Prussia, singly, that will be able to arrest on the Vistula the inundation of a half- nomadic people essentially conquering, and whose dominions extend to China.
  • visual This fits in perfectly, of course, with the author's already discussed visual-imagery technique which requires a high degree of imagination.
  • vital Ornamental cloth, $1.50. A remarkable novel, full of vital force, which gives us a glimpse into the innermost sanctuary of a woman's soul-a revelation of the truth that to a woman there may be a greater thing than the love of a man-the story pictured against a wonderful Southern California background.
  • vitally The Department of Justice naturally was most vitally interested in the promises of violence against the United States Government contained in the manifesto of the Communists of the Third International, which was held at Moscow, March 2 to 6, 1919. Among the passages in the Moscow manifesto which most interested the Department of Justice were the following: "Socialist criticism has sufficiently stigmatized the bourgeois world order.
  • vitals 17. "But that was yet more painful, when my Sigurd they ingloriously slew in his bed; though of all most cruel, when of Gunnar the glistening serpents to the vitals crawled; but the most agonizing, which to my heart flew, when the brave king's heart they while quick cut out.
  • weal Never were persons in the world so swift To work their weal and to escape their woe, As I, after such words as these were uttered, Came hither downward from my blessed seat, Confiding in thy dignified discourse, Which honours thee, and those who've listened to it.
  • Tull While the practices of Jethro Tull were in themselves very good and in general can be adopted to-day, yet his interpretation of the principles involved was wrong.
  • Val "Peter Fleuriot, Samuel Robinson, John Lodington, John Adams, Val.
  • Vita Non enim pari conditione creantur omnes; sed aliis vita aeterna, aliis damnatio aeterna praeordinatur.
  • wetly
  • VTOL Avro Canada TS-140, A Mach-2 VTOL fighter proposed to the US Navy.

68 words made from the letters vetual

3 letter words made from vetual:

ale, alt, eta, ute, leu, ate, ult, lav, tea, lea, let, uta, lev, vet, vat, lat, evl, tau, eat.

5 letter words made from vetual:

vaute, valet, aleut, value, uveal, vault, atule, vuela, tavel, vatel.

4 letter words made from vetual:

evtl, etau, ulva, veut, ulta, tual, lute, teav, tael, tuva, uale, elua, velu, vula, late, lave, veau, evat, luve, vale, luat, atul, vatu, vela, vaul, laut, taue, tuve, uate, veal, talu, teal, uvae, tale, uvea, tuel, atle, laev.

6 letter words made from vetual:


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