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How to spell VID correctly?

The correct suggestions for the misspelling "vid" could include "video", "Vida", "avid" or "void". It is important to check the context in which "vid" was being used to determine the correct word that was intended to be spelled.

List of suggestions on how to spell vid correctly

  • aid
  • avid He was an avid collector of antique pottery.
  • bid I placed a bid on the rare book at the auction.
  • Cid El Cid was a legendary Castilian nobleman and warrior who became a national hero in Spain.
  • Did Did you go to the store yesterday?
  • Hid The mouse hid behind the sofa.
  • ID
  • kid There is a kid riding his bike in the park.
  • lid I accidentally dropped the lid of the pot on my foot.
  • mid The mid section of my back is always sore after working out.
  • ovid Ovid's works, including his Metamorphoses, have had a significant impact on literature and art throughout the centuries.
  • rid I'm trying to rid my house of mice.
  • Sid Sid is my neighbor who always waves whenever we see each other.
  • vd
  • vi
  • Via I will be traveling to Italy via Paris.
  • Vic Vic was always the first one to arrive at the office.
  • vie The two companies continued to vie for control of the market.
  • Vied The two candidates vied for the position of team captain.
  • vii Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a sentence with the word "vii" because it is a Roman numeral that does not represent a specific word.
  • vim I applied some additional vim to my workout routine and have noticed significant progress in my strength and endurance.
  • vip The VIP section of the club was reserved exclusively for celebrities and high-profile guests.
  • void The void left by his absence was felt by everyone.
  • Yid

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