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How to spell VIEMING correctly?

The misspelling "vieming" could be corrected to "viewing", "veering" or "vying". These suggestions would depend on the context and intended meaning of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell vieming correctly

  • Aiming The archer was aiming carefully, trying to hit the bullseye.
  • Deeming Deeming him guilty, the judge sentenced the criminal to life in prison.
  • Deming
  • Dimming The sun was setting and the sky was dimming slowly.
  • firming I use a firming lotion in the morning to tighten the skin on my face.
  • Liming The Qin dynasty was founded by the founder of the Li family, who were of the Liming ("Luming") branch of
  • miming The street performer captivated the crowd with his impressive miming skills.
  • riming The cold weather outside had caused the windows to mist up, with small droplets of water riming the edges.
  • Rimming I was rimming her asshole.
  • seeming Despite his seeming confidence, he was actually quite nervous before the presentation.
  • teeming The pond is teeming with tadpoles during the spring season.
  • timing The timing of the concert couldn't have been more perfect.
  • veering The car was veering off the road due to the driver's loss of control.
  • Vicing The Vicing President of the United States will be in attendance.
  • viewing I am planning on viewing the latest movie release this weekend.
  • viking The Viking warriors were feared for their bravery and determination in battle.
  • Visaing I will be Visaing to travel to Spain next month.

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