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How to spell VIENED correctly?

The correct spelling for "viened" could be "veined", which means having veins or resembling veins. Other possible suggestions might include "vend", "vined" or "vented" depending on the context and intended meaning of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell viened correctly

  • Dined
  • fiend
  • fined
  • lined She picked up a small notebook from her bag, its pages lined with neat blue lines.
  • mined
  • Pined The little girl pined for her mother while she was away on a business trip.
  • veined The veined leaves of the plant were a vibrant shade of green.
  • vend The street vendor was doing brisk business, managing to vend everything from hot dogs to fresh fruit.
  • Vended
  • vented
  • viand
  • Viced Viced is a new coffee shop in town.
  • Vied I spoke to Vied about the project.
  • vienna I take my morning coffee at Vienna's best bakery.
  • Viewed The painting can be viewed from different angles to appreciate its full beauty.
  • vine I was looking for my shoe on the vine.
  • vines I climbed the vines to the top of the tree.
  • weened The baby was weened off of breast milk and began drinking formula.
  • Widened The doorway was widened so people would not have to squeeze past.
  • wiener I like to eat a wiener on a hot summer day.
  • wined She wined and dined her clients to try and win their favor.
  • wizened The old man had a wizened look, with wrinkles etched into every inch of his face.

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