Correct spelling for VINOD

We think the word vinod is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for vinod

  • bind That would and could bind him to nothing.
  • find Well, did you find it?
  • hind The man spoke to the dog, and at once the handsome creature sat up, tall and dignified, on his hind legs.
  • kind It is very kind of him.
  • lind The strains of the Jenny Lind waltz were beginning to float through the rooms.
  • mind I had no mind to it.
  • nod She gave Pauline a nod which was scarcely friendly, but was, at the same time, very determined, and was about to run home, when Pauline called her.
  • rind She paused, and that old chief of whom I have spoken, asked in the midst of a silence, as I think was planned that he should ask: "You have set our teeth in the bitter rind of truth.
  • veined Yes, there the young man was, fifty feet away from her, yet she could plainly see the blood pulsing through his veined hands and could almost hear the ideas ticking in his brain.
  • vend Hawkers of all sorts are admitted to call and vend their wares as in any open street of London.
  • vendor What better plan could you have than getting the vendor-myself-to guarantee the whole issue at a mere 3 per cent.
  • vent Trix gave vent to a sound closely resembling a sneeze.
  • viand As for myself, I shall be satisfied with a cut of nice, fresh Western reserve; for truly I recognize in no other viand or edible half the fragrance or half the gustfulness to be met with in one of these pale but aromatic domestic products.
  • vine It seemed to have been forcibly jammed into the steep slope that shot high above its chimneys; the mountain hung over its vine clad roof, an ominous threat of oblivion.
  • vino Hasn't Lawrence given you any vino dolce since you have been in foreign parts?
  • vinous When the carbonic acid gas, or fixed air, so often mentioned in these papers may be rendered subservient to part of the improvements I have in view, and which is the constant, abundant, and uniform result of low combustion, or vinous fermentation, in proportion of thirty-five pounds weight to every hundred of saccharine or fermentable matter, fermented in a due proportion of liquor, or water; from the decomposition of which last, and the absorption of its oxygen, it is principally obtained.
  • wand Carried by his fancy, have you hung as if suspended by a magician's wand over the illimitable abyss of the past?
  • wend He took a few steps hither, then back; began to wend thither, and again turned.
  • wind The wind was dropping.
  • window He pulled open the window, and walked into the room.
  • windy Up pretty betimes, that is about 7 o'clock, it being now dark then, and so got me ready, with my clothes, breeches and warm stockings, and by water with Henry Russell, cold and wet and windy to Woolwich, to a hempe ship there, and staid looking upon it and giving direction as to the getting it ashore, and so back again very cold, and at home without going on shore anywhere about 12 o'clock, being fearful of taking cold, and so dined at home and shifted myself, and so all the afternoon at my office till night, and then home to keep my poor wife company, and so to supper and to bed.
  • winged
  • Ind C. W. H. St. John, 5 Ind.
  • Vied So that as soon as Sir Philip set foot on the yacht, his hands were cordially grasped, and his friends out-vied each other in good wishes for his happiness.
  • Whined "It hurts my back to stoop over," whined Old Maggie, with the ward watching.
  • Vito The baron's party traveled day and night, without pause or rest, until they crossed the northern frontier of Italy, and halted at the little hamlet of San Vito, at the foot of the Apennines.
  • Vonda Top 10: Wanda Law (1947), Beth Andre (1956), Lynn Freyse (1958), Pam Wenzel (1980), Debra Daniels (1983), Kathryn Bulkley (2011) Top 15: Anna Marie Barnett (1938), Laura Lawless (2003) Awards Preliminary Awards Preliminary Lifestyle & Fitness: Jacque Mercer (1949), Lynn Freyse (1958) Preliminary Talent: Jacque Mercer (1949), Pam Wenzel (1980) Non-finalist Awards Non-finalist Talent: Paula Lou Welch (1963), Sarah Tattersall (1982), Lisa Mandel (1989), Tammy Kettunen (1990), Kimberly Hoskins (1991), Stacy Agren (1995), Erin Gingrich (1997), Erin Nurss (2009) Other Miss Congeniality: Vonda Kay Van Dyke (1965) Quality of Life Award Winners: Amanda Murray (1994), Stacy Agren (1995) Quality of Life Award 1st runners-up: Hilary Griffith (2007) Quality of Life Award Finalists: Audrey Sibley (2006) Special Scholarship: Donna Riggs (1959) Special Talent: Linda Gail Sirrine (1973)
  • WINO
  • wined
  • closed-cycle A closed-cycle heat pump clothes dryer uses a heat pump to dehumidify the processing air.
  • rebreather The three major categories of ambient pressure underwater breathing apparatus are: Open circuit scuba, where the diver carries the gas supply, and exhaled gas is exhausted to the environment Rebreather scuba, where the diver carried the gas supply, and exhaled gas is recycled for further use, and Surface supplied diving equipment, where the gas supply is provided from the surface through a divers umbilical Atmospheric pressure underwater breathing apparatus is also used in the form of armoured atmospheric diving suits, which maintain an internal pressure approximating surface pressure

16 words made from the letters vinod

3 letter words made from vinod:

don, ido, din, ion, nod, iod, nov.

4 letter words made from vinod:

indo, vino, doin, odin, ovid, nido, void, nodi.

5 letter words made from vinod:


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