Correct spelling for VISIITATION

We think the word visiitation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for visiitation

  • Irritation
  • In spite of her irritation at being beholden to him, jan began to feel grateful to peter.

  • Disputation
  • At zurich, whither he had fled from waldshut after the defeat of the peasants in their rebellion of 1525, he was compelled to hold a public disputation with zwingli on infant baptism.

  • Vindication
  • The title reads curiously in the light of his later pronouncements: some reflections on mr. rymer's short view of tragedy, and an attempt at a vindication of shakespear.

  • Gestation
  • The periods of gestation are the same in the horse and ass or eleven months each, camel 12 months, elephant 2 years, lion 5 months, buffalo 12 months, in the human female 9 months, cow 9 months, sheep 5 months, dog 9 weeks, cat 8 weeks, sow 16 weeks, she wolf from 90 to 95 days.

  • Recitation
  • He was as one delivering a recitation which by constant repetition had become at once meaningless and automatic.

  • Imitation
  • Alberoni, in exile and disgrace, had been succeeded by a burlesque imitation of him, the duke of ripperda, a dutch adventurer who turned diplomatist, and had risen into influence through alberoni's favor.

  • Vitiation
  • Citation
  • George brought the citation to me. if necessary he’s prepared to swear there’s nothing in it. he takes, in fact, the usual standpoint of the ‘man of honour.

  • Visitation
  • I wish you to join me in a visitation of some of the military camps in this district.

  • Situation
  • "now here's the situation," resumed du portail.

  • Limitation
  • It meant the connection of her mexican colonies with canada, but it meant much more than this; it meant serious annoyance to england, serious limitation to english commerce.

  • Validation
  • Verification and validation of computer simulation models is conducted during the development of a simulation model with the ultimate goal of producing an accurate and credible model.

  • Vegetation
  • This was a very good, if not actually a pretty, encampment; there was a narrow strip of open ground along the banks, and good vegetation for the horses.

  • Dissertation
  • When the late mr. pegge, a profound brother, was preparing to write a dissertation on it, the first inventor of the flam stepped forward to save any further tragical termination; the wicked wit had already succeeded too well.

  • Station
  • His car's very likely on the station switch.

  • Visitations
  • It was only after two or three similar visitations that i casually told the story of this "ecstasy" to my younger brother.

  • Hesitation
  • Then, after a second's hesitation, he turned and swiftly mounted the stairs.

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4 letter words made from visiitation: