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How to spell VITING correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "viting", don't fret! There are a few correct suggestions that can easily rectify the mistake. "Voting" is the appropriate term when referring to participating in an election. Alternatively, "visiting" is another valid option, commonly used when talking about going to see someone or a place.

List of suggestions on how to spell viting correctly

  • baiting He was accused of baiting his coworker into an argument.
  • biting
  • Citing Citing my sources is an important part of writing a research paper.
  • dieting My mom has been dieting for the past month and has lost 10 pounds.
  • fitting He seemed to be looking for the perfect fitting dress for her sweet sixteen party.
  • Girting The green girting dragonfly flitted around.
  • hitting
  • kiting Kiting is when a person uses a wind instrument, such as a kite, to travel in Air.
  • pitting
  • rioting There was rioting in the street as the crowd grew restless.
  • siting The architect's job was to finalize the siting of the new building on the construction site.
  • sitting
  • sting The bee's sting left a painful mark on her skin.
  • suiting He realized that the navy blue suit was suiting him better than the black one.
  • ting He was wearing a ting suit that fit him like a glove.
  • Vatting She was vatting the wash in the sink.
  • veiling The veiling of women's faces in certain cultures is a controversial topic.
  • Veining This tree has some beautiful veining on its branches.
  • venting I enjoy venting my thoughts and emotions through writing.
  • Vesting The company's vesting policy requires employees to work for at least three years before they can fully claim their stock options.
  • Vetoing
  • vetting
  • Vicing I cannot vicing help you.
  • viewing The viewing is over.
  • viking The Viking warriors were well-known for their longboats and fierce raids.
  • Visaing I need to go to the visaing desk.
  • visiting She is visiting her grandmother for the weekend.
  • Vitrine The vitrine held many delicate porcelain objects.
  • voicing She was voicing her concerns about the safety of the neighborhood during the town hall meeting.
  • voiding I'll try my best to come up with a sentence with the word "voiding": - The bladder is responsible for voiding urine from the body.
  • vomiting The patient was experiencing severe vomiting due to food poisoning.
  • voting I am planning on voting in the upcoming election.
  • Vying Sarah is vying for Justin's love.
  • waiting I am waiting in line to buy tickets for the concert.
  • whiting I caught a whiting while fishing off the coast of Maine.
  • wilting The flowers began to wilting.
  • Withing
  • witting
  • writing

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