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How to spell VOLTING correctly?

If you meant "vaulting" when you typed "volting", you're not alone! Other possible suggestions include "volunteering", "voting", "volting" (a unit of measurement for electric potential) or "bolting" (as in running away quickly). Double-check your spelling to make sure you're saying what you mean!

List of suggestions on how to spell volting correctly

  • Bolting The horse was bolting down the racetrack.
  • jolting The sudden sound of thunder was so jolting that it made me spill my coffee.
  • looting During the protest, some people started looting stores and caused chaos.
  • molting
  • moulting
  • valeting I dropped my car off at the garage for valeting.
  • Valuing Valuing the input and ideas of all team members is crucial in promoting a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
  • Vatting My shoes are vatting.
  • vaulting Vaulting over the fence, the cat quickly escaped from the chasing dog.
  • vetting The vetting process is necessary in order to ensure the safety of the animals in the facility.
  • Violating His behavior was violating the company's code of conduct.
  • voiding The doctor advised me to drink more fluids to prevent the problem of voiding.
  • vomiting I felt nauseous and started vomiting after eating the spoiled food.
  • voting
  • Welting The welting on the edges of the leather sofa was expertly crafted.
  • wilting

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