Correct spelling for VOMT

We think the word vomt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for vomt

  • comet They talked a long time, planning the future of Comet.
  • comte P. S. I made Comte Lascaris show me your letter, which I liked very well; the style was easy and natural, and the French pretty correct.
  • gmt Ouattara declared a three-day curfew in Abidjan from 2100 GMT to 0600 GMT.
  • moat As far as I can make out, there is no deep-water moat within them; and the sea outside does not deepen very suddenly.
  • moot Also they had made themselves acquainted with the murdered man's movements immediately previous to his arrival at the Moot Hall; there was nothing whatever in them that afforded any clue.
  • mot "Cads mayn't though," said I. Perhaps I ought to have maintained a dignified silence, but that mot was irresistible.
  • mott Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were delegates to the World's Anti-Slavery Convention at London.
  • mt "Young Nelson; he's goin' away out here to Mt.
  • omit But you must sign, for we omit no form In buying a soul like yours.
  • vamp Vamp angry, threatens the law if she is detained.
  • vast What know these town fools, whose lives are no wider than the narrow streets in which they dwell, of the wonders of the vast world beyond the seas?
  • vat Vell, vat archument could I make against dot?
  • vent By the intensity of her upbraiding she arrested the attention of Smith's enemies for a minute till, as if he revolted against his own weakness, one of them gave vent to a loud jest, at which the other laughed.
  • vest But how do you account for the fact that this button which I have is plainly a portrait of your friend, and a counterpart to those on your vest?
  • vim They worked with snap and vim, for upon the success of their product depended the possibility of a troop motorboat.
  • void She sought in the world for objects to fill up the void which her heart could not supply.
  • volt = Volt Meter.
  • volta Lieutenant Fiske began by paying a tribute to the remarkable pioneer efforts of Colonel Samuel Colt, who more than forty years ago blew up several old vessels, including the gunboat Boxer and the Volta, by the use of electricity.
  • vomit The Emperor was made very sick, and every few moments threw himself on his bed, making violent but unsuccessful efforts to vomit, which rendered his sickness more distressing.
  • vote If war is like that, then my voice and vote are henceforth for peace, and peace alone.
  • vt L. S. Richards, 1 Vt.
  • womb Snatch'd from the curling flames, and from the womb Of his dead mother, he the infant bore To double-body'd Chiron's secret cave.
  • wont "Well;-I can't explain myself," he said, blushing as was his wont.
  • wort 233 John's Wort, Saint .
  • Mort It is the lady whom some speak of as La Mort,-others as La Vie.
  • Wot My box with twenty-five pounds in, wot I trusted you with, gorn?
  • Won't Why won't you come?
  • Amt Administrative divisions: metropolitan Denmark - 14 counties (amter, singular - amt) and 1 city* (stad); Arhus, Bornholms, Frederiksborg, Fyns, Kobenhavns, Nordjyllands, Ribe, Ringkobing, Roskilde, Sonderjyllands, Staden Kobenhavn*, Storstroms, Vejle, Vestsjaellands, Viborg note : there is one other city, Fredericksberg, mentioned by some sources, but the US government has not recognized it as a first-order administrative division; see separate entries for the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are part of the Danish realm and self-governing administrative divisions
  • vomits Sec. 315. Chronical Diseases not coming within the Plan of this Work, I purposely forbear treating of any Kind of those tedious Cholics, which afflict some People for many Years: but I think it my Duty to admonish such, that their Torments being very generally occasioned by Obstructions in the Viscera, or different Bowels of the Belly, or by some other Fault, and more particularly in those Organs, which are intended to prepare the Bile, they should, 1, avoid with the greatest Care, the Use of sharp, hot, violent Medicines, Vomits, strong Purges, Elixirs, &c. 2, They should be thoroughly on their Guard against all those, who promise them a very speedy Cure, by the Assistance of some specific Remedy; and ought to look upon them as Mountebanks, into whose Hands it is highly dangerous to trust themselves.
  • VDT Drinian, Lord: Captain of the Dawn Treader, friend of Prince Rillian and his father King Caspian X (VDT), (SC) Duffle: Red Dwarf, brother of Rogin and Bricklethumb, assists Shasta (HHB) Dumnus: Faun, dances for Caspian X (PC)
  • EMT some systems will transmit the GPS location of the alarming device some systems can be configured to transmit additional personal information when an alarm is triggered (such as age, medical history, etc) Responders Class-B EMT Operators local 911 service friend(s) or family In addition there are various other types of accessories (emergency buttons, fall sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, motion detectors) that can be placed around the home and integrated with the base station.
  • MOET Dub & Dwars (Re-recorded reggae versions of the biggest Brainpower tunes, 2010) "Determination" (CD, 2015) Even Stil (Deluxe Edition) (2CD, 2015) Verschil Moet Er Zijn Limited 15th Anniversary Edition on Gold Colored Double Vinyl(2LP, 2002) Dub & Dwars Limited Edition for Record Store Day 2018 on Red Vinyl (Re-recorded reggae versions of the biggest Brainpower tunes, LP, 2018)

3 words made from the letters vomt

3 letter words made from vomt:

tom, tmv, mot.

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