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How to spell VOTEING correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "voteing", several correct suggestions for the correct spelling "voting" become apparent. These include "voting" itself, as well as other alternatives like "balloting" or "casting a vote". It is crucial to ensure accuracy in written communication, particularly when discussing democratic processes like voting.

List of suggestions on how to spell voteing correctly

  • doting
  • Dotting The dotting of i's and t's on a legal document is an important step in the process.
  • jotting
  • Noting
  • Potting
  • rotting The smell in the room was overwhelming due to the rotting food left on the counter.
  • Toeing I must toeing the line!
  • Toting She was toting a heavy backpack filled with textbooks.
  • Totting I was totting up the total cost of our vacation as we drove home from the airport.
  • Vatting She took a vatting of paint from the blue and green tubes.
  • Vetoing The president is considering vetoing the new bill.
  • vetting The company is vetting all potential candidates for the open position.
  • voicing She was voicing her opinions loud and clear during the meeting.
  • voiding The doctor instructed the patient to increase their water intake to promote voiding of the bladder.
  • voting Voting is a crucial part of participating in a democratic society.
  • Vowing Vowing to never give up, she pushed herself to run the marathon.

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