What is the correct spelling for VURTUALY?

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Correct spelling for VURTUALY

We think the word vurtualy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for vurtualy

  • courtly He was a tall, courtly old fellow.
  • curtail Lung cancer has become a very real threat to many people today, and the professional hypnotist is besieged with men and women who wish to curtail or quit smoking.
  • curtly "When I am done," he returned curtly.
  • mutual She turned her hand, so as to meet his in a mutual clasp, and withdrew it.
  • mutually In addition to that bond of a common humanity which ought to bind us to all our fellow-men, there is a tie of special affinity between persons of congenial tastes, kindred pursuits, common interests, and mutually cherished ideals.
  • outlay I was now to travel modestly, to fare humbly, and to ponder over the smallest outlay, lest it should limit me in some other quarter of greater need.
  • ritual But it also includes a daily ritual that must be observed at certain fixed hours, even though the believer may be in the midst of the crowded market place.
  • ritually In this case the fir cone would be dipped in the bucket of water before being shaken in order to ritually purify a person or object.
  • vastly Vastly to her delight it yielded at her push.
  • vertical Now suppose the eccentric to be revolved on the centre C, until its centre moves from e to V, its circumference being denoted by the dotted circle A A, and if we draw from V a vertical line cutting the line B, D at f, then from C to f will be the distance the eccentric would move the valve, which would then be in the position denoted by the dotted lines at the bottom of the figure.
  • vertically "And your skin-" Imperturbably as she spoke she pushed him down flat on the ground again and began, with her hands edged vertically like two slim boards, to slash little blissful gashes of consciousness and pain into his frigid right arm.
  • vestal Cornelia, the chief Vestal and the worst offender, was condemned to suffer the prescribed punishment of entombment.
  • victual And therewith she stepped out lightly on to the greensward and sought up the stream till she found a smooth-grounded pool meet for her bath, and when that was done, she fetched the victual and came back to the wood-wife; then they two sat down together, and ate and drank while the water rippled at their feet.
  • vidal Vidal was a man of great learning and equal modesty, a man of the strictest honour, kind-hearted and charitable in the extreme.
  • viral Bacterial bio-agents Chlamydial bio-agents Rickettsial bio-agents Viral bio-agents Additionally, the Soviet Union is known to have weaponized Marburg virus (MARV) in the 1970s and 80s.
  • virtual It may well be supposed that the virtual head of the government liked not the triumph of mob law, in the name of religion, over the civil authority.
  • virtually That legacy is virtually hers, not yours.
  • virtue The high virtue of patience was not his.
  • virtuously A gorgeous flunkey threw open the door with a virtuously severe expression on his breakfast-flushed countenance,-an expression which relaxed into a smile of condescension on seeing who the visitor was.
  • vistula Although branches of the Slavonic race had separated from the parent stem, bearing different names, the Bohemians on the Vistula, the Poliani in what was to become Poland, the Lithuanians near the Baltic, and minor tribes scattered elsewhere, from the Peloponnesus to the Baltic, all had the same general characteristics.
  • vital Penny wondered where to start in gathering vital facts for her father.
  • vitally That was why she could keep her counsel-why she had kept it during all the talk on the stage, even though that talk had vitally interested her.
  • vitals If the misrepresentations of the press could have altered the matter of fact, famine would not have been gnawing the vitals of Sutherland in every year just a little less abundant than its fellows, nor would the dejected and oppressed people be feeding their discontent, amid present misery, with the recollections of a happier past.
  • Italy France and England and the Dardanelles and Italy-everything.
  • wetly

104 words made from the letters vurtualy

5 letter words made from vurtualy:

tulua, alryt, vural, turvy, turay, ryuta, valur, varty, luray, yurta, tural, rutyl, lutra, turul, vault, lyart, uvula, ultra, truly, latur, larut, tryal.

3 letter words made from vurtualy:

rya, alt, var, try, tau, rat, url, uta, lat, vat, tar, lvy, lav, tay, utu, lay, ult, tyr, ray, ayr, art, rut.

4 letter words made from vurtualy:

rayt, layr, tuul, arty, ruyt, tuur, uatu, lyta, yuva, ruta, tuyl, ruvu, luat, yalu, laut, luty, turu, aryl, ryul, tuva, luau, uaru, arul, tary, atul, vula, ratu, luya, lavy, uray, ulay, raut, auty, lyra, alur, yulu, vayu, uyar, ruly, yutu, tray, tual, tyva, aury, vatu, vart, luay, ulta, tulu, yura, ulua, luyt, tuya, vaul, luar, talu, rayl, yurt, vary, ulva.

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