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How to spell WAHED correctly?

The correct spelling for "wahed" is "one" in Arabic. If someone misspells "wahed" in English, there are several possible suggestions for the correct spelling, including "washed", "waded", "waged" or simply "one". It's important to consider the context in which the word was used to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell wahed correctly

  • ahead I want to plan ahead for my future.
  • Hawed She hawed briefly before answering the interview question.
  • wad
  • wadded
  • wade
  • Waded
  • wader
  • Waged The company waged a successful marketing campaign to boost sales.
  • Wagged
  • Wailed The child wailed loudly in pain when he hit his head on the corner of the table.
  • Waited I waited at the bus stop for half an hour, but the bus never arrived.
  • Waived The entrance fee was waived for guests who arrived before noon.
  • Waked
  • Wald
  • Waled
  • walled
  • wand The wizard waved his wand and cast a spell that turned the pumpkin into a carriage.
  • Waned The moon waned as the night progressed.
  • ward In order to vote for the ward you live in, go to the ward's website and follow the instructions.
  • Warded The castle was properly warded to prevent any unwanted intruders from infiltrating the perimeter.
  • warhead The warhead on the missile was unstable and could have exploded at any time.
  • warmed
  • Warned I was warned that the workshop was full.
  • warped The wooden plank had warped in the heat and was no longer straight.
  • Warred The two neighboring kingdoms warred for years over disputed land.
  • washed
  • Watched I watched the sunrise this morning.
  • water
  • Waved The woman waved to me.
  • waxed She waxed her car to make it shine.
  • weaned The baby was successfully weaned off breast milk and onto formula.
  • Weaved I weaved my way through the dancers.
  • wed They were planning to wed next month, but the pandemic forced them to postpone the wedding.
  • weed I'm going to go pick some weed.
  • Whaled
  • whet
  • wined She wined and dined her clients until they signed the contract.
  • Wiped I wiped my hands on a napkin.
  • wired
  • wised He wised up after making the same mistake three times.
  • Wished I wished I had taken the time to see her before she left.
  • Withed The flowers withed in the heat of the sun.
  • Wived It was commonplace for lords to have many wived and father numerous children in medieval times.
  • Wooed
  • wowed

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