How to spell WAHER correctly?

If you're looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "waher", you could consider "water". This is the most likely intended word due to the proximity of "w" and "a" on a keyboard. "Washer" is another potential option, which is often misspelled as "waher" due to a similar pattern.

List of suggestions on how to spell waher correctly

  • Her Her hair was blowing in the wind as she walked down the beach.
  • VADER Luke Skywalker faced Vader in a lightsaber duel.
  • wade
  • wader
  • wafer He had a wafer-thin slice of cheese with a cracker for his afternoon snack.
  • wage My weekly wage is two hundred and fifty dollars.
  • wager I am willing to wager that you cannot finish that entire pizza by yourself.
  • wailer The wailer in the circus troupe was always very sad.
  • waiter The waiter put my drink on the table.
  • waiver The patient signed a waiver acknowledging the risks associated with the medical procedure.
  • wake
  • wale The wale on her pants was so thick it made her legs look bulky.
  • waller
  • wane The moon began to wane as the night wore on.
  • war Many innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire of war.
  • warder He was meant to be a guard, but he turned out to be a warder instead.
  • ware The shelves in the store were lined with an impressive array of kitchen ware.
  • warier She became warier of strangers after her purse was stolen.
  • warmer The room was much warmer than I had anticipated.
  • warner
  • washer I need to purchase a new washer for my laundry machine.
  • washier
  • watcher I'm a watcher, taking in all I can.
  • water
  • wave The surfer caught a huge wave and rode it all the way into the shore.
  • waver I will not waver in my decision to graduate from college.
  • wavier The weather is looking a little wavier this afternoon.
  • weaker My left arm is weaker than my right arm because I injured it last year.
  • wearer The wearer of the crown has many responsibilities.
  • weather
  • weaver Lenny the weaver lives in a tree in the forest.
  • weber I have a Weber barbecue.
  • whaler
  • WHEE I am very excited for the weekend! Whee!
  • when
  • where
  • whet I need to whet my knife before I chop up the chicken.
  • Whew I feel relieved after writing that essay. Whew!
  • whey I prefer to use whey protein powder in my smoothies for an extra boost of protein.
  • whir As the fan blades spun faster and faster, the whir grew louder and filled the room.
  • wider The river grew wider as it neared the ocean.
  • wiper I need to replace the wiper blades on my car before the next rain.
  • WISER After his grandmother's death, Will learned to water his plants with a wiser sense of timing.
  • Wisher A wisher always wants more than what they have.
  • wither The flowers will wither without water.
  • wooer I don't want to date a wooer.

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