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How to spell WAISING correctly?

If you find yourself mistyping "waising" instead of "raising", fret not! The correct spelling is just a few keystrokes away. Consider suggestions like "raising", "waiving" or even "waving" depending on the context. Remember, grammar tools and spell-checkers are here to help you, so take advantage of them!

List of suggestions on how to spell waising correctly

  • Basing Basing her decisions on evidence rather than intuition, the detective was able to solve the case quickly.
  • casing
  • causing The loud noise outside was causing the dog to bark incessantly.
  • easing The medication has been easing my headache.
  • gassing The gassing of the Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II was a horrific tragedy.
  • Liaising As a project manager, liaising with clients and stakeholders is a crucial part of my job.
  • Massing The architect was responsible for massing the buildings in the complex.
  • Noising The construction work outside my window has been noising all morning, making it impossible to concentrate.
  • Parsing Parsing can be left to a machine.
  • passing He saw a bird passing by.
  • Pausing I am pausing to take a breath before continuing with my speech.
  • Poising The cat sat poising to pounce.
  • raisin
  • raising We are raising money for a good cause.
  • rising The sun is rising in the sky.
  • sassing She was grounded for a week because she kept sassing her mother.
  • wadding She used wadding to stuff the pillow.
  • wading As I walked along the river, the cool water invitied me wading into it.
  • Wagging My tail is wagging so fast it's hard to keep up.
  • Waging The company is currently waging a fierce battle against its competitors in the market.
  • wailing The baby was crying and wailing.
  • waiting
  • Waiving Waiving his right to remain silent, the suspect began to tell his side of the story to the police.
  • waking I am slowly waking up from my deep sleep.
  • Waling
  • Walling The Walling family has lived in this house for generations.
  • waning The moon's waning phase means that it is gradually decreasing in size.
  • Warding
  • Waring
  • warming Global warming is causing the earth's temperatures to rise at an alarming rate.
  • warning Please use caution when crossing the street. There are warning signals in place to help ensure your safety.
  • warping The warping in the fabric of space caused the ship to lose its orientation and crashed into a nearby star.
  • warring In the warring realms of the supernatural, battles for supremacy are incessant.
  • washing
  • wasting Wasting away on my couch is the last thing I need to do.
  • waving She was waving frantically at the departing car.
  • waxing She decided to go for a full leg waxing before the beach vacation.
  • Whiling I spent my Whiling hours reading.
  • whining I can't stand the sound of whining children in the backseat of the car.
  • Whisking I was whisking eggs in a bowl when I heard a knock at the door.
  • whiting
  • wiling
  • wining She was always wining about something, it was hard to be around her sometimes.
  • Wiping
  • wiring Wiring is a process of making connections between the different parts of a machine.
  • wishing
  • wising I am wising up to my friend's deceptive behavior.
  • Wiving After their wedding, the couple were wiving for the third time.

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