Correct spelling for WAL

We think the word wal is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for wal

  • al And the old priest told Al Hafed that if he had a handful of diamonds he could purchase a whole country, and with a mine of diamonds he could place his children upon thrones through the influence of their great wealth.
  • awl The pit dwellers also practised some domestic industries, as Dr. Stevens found a needle, an awl or bodkin, and fragments of pointed bone, probably used for sewing skins together.
  • gal "Well, if it is that there Judy gal, I'd say, 'Glory be!
  • pal "Well, well, it's my pal from the ship.
  • wa " Wa-kan-tun-ka, the Great Mystery, has given us our lives," declared Sun Bird.
  • wad Or were I monarch o' the globe, Wi' thee to reign, wi' thee to reign, The brightest jewel in my crown Wad be my queen, wad be my queen."
  • wag But, all the same, tongues will wag."
  • wail Dismal let out a wail of anguish as he realized his hated enemy was out of reach.
  • wale hede vale, i. e. principal, best choice; vale = wale, or perhaps aphetic for avale = value.
  • walk But if you will let me, I will walk home with you, although I am dying with impatience to return to my usual gayety.
  • wall 47 That's my last Duchess painted on the wall v.
  • wan And that's all there is to it, for sure when you've got that far you're wan of them agitators."
  • war "Wal, Kurt Dorn's not goin' to war," replied her father.
  • wax There were, however, serious objections to the use of wax in this country, which were discovered during the early voyages to California.
  • way 14,164. Were you not employed in that way before?
  • weal Evident sympathy in the progress of the colony; traits of kindness, generosity, devoted energy, where required for the public weal; a pure exercise of patronage; an utter absence of vindictiveness or spite; the fairness that belongs to magnanimity: these are the qualities that make governors powerful, while men merely sharp and clever may be weak and detested."
  • Was Lucia was a somnambulist no longer.
  • Cal I find not of this proportion, vsed by any of the Greeke or Latine Poets, or in any vulgar writer, sauing of that one forme which they cal Anacreens egge.
  • Sal Old Sal, who, as usual, was anxious to seek pastures new.
  • Wald Toward noon a rendezvous was held at Bucheneck, a small ducal forest lodge situated in the midst of the Wald, and which could afford shelter in case of unfavorable weather.
  • Wac "Weren't I what?" Whitlow asked miserably, having lost the thread of their conversation due to a surreptitious glance backward at the WAC barracks in their wake.
  • Hal Then she uttered to herself an enigmatical sentence: "Beauty will give to Lorraine the great career; but the greater woman will be Hal."
  • Val Within the Val Louise was a cavern called Baume des Vaudois, from a number of these people having concealed themselves within it in 1488, carrying with them their children and as much food as they could collect, relying on its inaccessible position and the snows around for their defence.
  • Walt Walt, however, seemed as imperturbable as ever, and gazed out at the approaching horsemen with no more sign of emotion than a tightening of the lips.

2 words made from the letters wal

3 letter words made from wal:

law, awl.

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