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How to spell WALLON correctly?

If someone misspells "wallon" as "wolon", here are some suggestions to correct it. Firstly, double-check if "w" was intended. If so, it might be "walloon", referring to a French-speaking inhabitant of Belgium. Alternatively, if "wallon" is meant, check for minor letter swaps like replacing "l" with "ll" or "o" with "o."

List of suggestions on how to spell wallon correctly

  • Allan Allan is planning to go on a trip to Europe next month.
  • allen Allen is a common first name for males in the United States.
  • balloon The child was delighted when she saw the large helium balloon floating in the air.
  • galleon The treasure hunt led to the discovery of a submerged galleon off the coast of Spain.
  • gallon I need to buy a gallon of milk for the recipe.
  • halon Halon is a chemical that was once widely used in fire extinguishers but has since been phased out due to its impact on the environment.
  • salon I have an appointment at the salon to get my hair styled.
  • talon
  • villon Villon was a medieval French poet known for his works that explored the dark and seedy underbelly of society.
  • wagon I was going to take my wagon down to the farmers market.
  • Walden He lived near Walden Pond in Boston.
  • Waldo No one has ever found Waldo.
  • wall
  • wallah I can't believe she said wallah after I just kissed her.
  • waller
  • Walling Walling is the process of building a wall or enclosing an area with a wall.
  • walloon Walloons are a Belgian people who speak the Walloon language.
  • wallop The boxer delivered a powerful wallop to his opponent's face, knocking him out cold.
  • wallow
  • wallows The pig wallows in the mud to keep cool on a hot day.
  • walls She stuck up against the cool, concrete walls, daring anyone to say a word against her.
  • wally I always forget Wally's birthday.
  • walton Walton was the best man at his brother's wedding.
  • Weldon After trying unsuccessfully to sell his house in Weldon for months, Bob finally decided to move.
  • willow I willow forth a myrtle fragrance.
  • wilson Wilson was his favorite uncle, always patient and kind with him.
  • wilton I have a Wilton cake cutter.

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