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How to spell WALS correctly?

If you meant "wals" but mistyped it, some possible correct suggestions include "wax", "wales" or "walls". These words seem to share similar patterns or sounds, so it's understandable how a mistake can slip in. Always double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell wals correctly

  • awls The cobbler used his awls to make holes in the leather to stitch together the shoes.
  • GALS I'm going to see my GALS tonight.
  • Hals I have a nice Hals necklace.
  • pals Growing up, my dog was always one of my most loyal pals.
  • wads
  • wags The dog wags its tail vigorously when it sees its owner.
  • wails The baby's wails resonated through the house.
  • Wald I went for a walk in the wald and saw many beautiful trees.
  • wale Wale is a type of fish.
  • wales The rainbow seen over Wales is a stunning sight.
  • walk I prefer to walk to work instead of driving.
  • walks My dog walks me to work.
  • wall
  • walls The walls of the castle were thick and sturdy, standing strong for hundreds of years.
  • Walsh Arthur Walsh is the current mayor of Boston.
  • Walt Walt Disney was an American cartoonist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.
  • Wars During the wars, food was scarce and many people died from starvation.
  • Was I was going to the store.
  • wats
  • ways
  • weals Weals covered most of his body.

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