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How to spell WANTEN correctly?

The correct spelling for "wanten" could potentially be "wanton", "wonton" or "wanted". However, to determine the correct spelling, the context in which the word is being used needs to be considered.

List of suggestions on how to spell wanten correctly

  • Anton
  • canteen I forgot my lunch, so I went to the canteen to buy a sandwich.
  • canton The canton of Grisons is one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland.
  • danton
  • lantern The lantern illuminated the dark path, making it easier to see where they were going.
  • lenten During the lenten season, many people give up a certain type of food.
  • Walden "Walden" is a book by Henry David Thoreau that details his experiences living intentionally in nature at Walden Pond.
  • walton
  • wander I love to wander around new cities and explore the unknown streets.
  • Waned As the moon waned, the night sky grew darker.
  • want
  • wanted She wanted to go for a run in the park.
  • wanting I have been wanting to visit New York City for years.
  • wanton The wanton destruction of the natural environment will have lasting consequences.
  • wantons The restaurant served delicious wantons in a savory broth.
  • wants She wants a new car for her birthday.
  • warden The prison warden made regular rounds to ensure that all inmates were following the rules.
  • whiten I want to whiten my teeth before my big presentation tomorrow.
  • winter I love to wear my cozy sweaters and sip hot cocoa during the winter months.
  • wonted I woke up to the wonted sound of my alarm clock ringing.
  • Wooten

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