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How to spell WANTERD correctly?

The misspelling "wanterd" likely refers to "wanted". To rectify this error, it is important to simply correct it to "wanted". Double-check spelling before submitting any document or request. Utilizing spell-check tools or asking someone else to proofread can also help avoid such mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell wanterd correctly

  • anted I have anted up my portion of the bill.
  • canted The leaning tower canted dangerously to one side.
  • Panted
  • Ranted I ranted about how horrible the traffic was this morning on my way to work.
  • Wafted The aroma of a roast chicken wafted through the open window.
  • Waited We waited for what seemed like forever, but eventually our food arrived.
  • wander I like to wander through the park on Sunday mornings.
  • Wandered As I wandered, I found a small, rundown shack.
  • wanders While taking a walk in the park, my mind wanders to all the things I need to do later.
  • Waned As the night progressed, the excitement waned, and everyone began to feel tired.
  • wanted I wanted to go to the beach today, but it's too cold and windy outside.
  • wasted I feel like the whole day was wasted doing nothing productive.
  • winter
  • Wintered The city wintered over from the cold.
  • Winters " Winters in Minnesota can be quite harsh with temperatures dropping well below freezing.
  • wonted After moving to a new country, it took some time for me to become accustomed to new customs and traditions that were not my wonted habits.

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