Correct spelling for WAP

We think the word wap is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for wap

  • Swap
  • I seemed to detect in myself a sort of sneaking fellow-feeling for the mummy in the museum, and a desire to swap news with him.

  • Wad
  • He wha has ruined me wad hae trebly ruined ye; for he has taen frae me only my hame, my daily bread, and peace-he wad hae taen frae ye a' thae, and, ayont them a', your honour."

  • Nap
  • Miss kean had better leave you now and let you have a little nap."

  • Map
  • The better to mark them out on my map, i gave to the valley the name of salvator rosa.

  • Zap
  • Political parties and leaders: agenda for zambia or az [akashambatwa lewanika]; labor party or lp ; liberal progressive front or lpf ; movement for democratic process or mdp ; movement for multiparty democracy or mmd ; national party or np ; united national independence party or unip ; united party for national development or upnd ; zambia alliance for progress or zap ; zambia democratic congress or zadeco

  • Wax
  • And the shopkeeper, who thought they were wax beads, lying in an old forgotten box, sold them for ten shillings!

  • Rap
  • The last bit was down hill, or i couldn't have done it; for when i fell on the doorstep my voice was clean gone, and i could only lie and rap, rap, rap!

  • Wp
  • Singapore governing party: people's action party or pap [lee hsien loong]; opposition parties: democratic progressive party or dpp [ling how dong]; national solidarity party or nsp [vacant] (sda group); singapore democratic alliance or sda [chiam see tong] (includes spp, pkms, nsp, sjp); singapore democratic party or sdp [chee soon juan]; singapore justice party or sjp [desmond lim] (sda group); singapore national malay organization or pkms [malik ismail] (sda group); singapore people's party or spp [chiam see tong] (sda group); workers' party or wp [sylvia lim swee lian]

  • Wan
  • If jim iver gets to be a lawyer, he'll be a good wan."

  • Pap
  • Would you tell your chum to frap the pap for a little thing like that, and take demerits unto himself?"

  • Lap
  • Came in; went to my room with georgy and took baby on my lap.

  • Sap
  • Oh, what pitty is it, that he had not so trim'd and drest his land, as we this garden, at time of yeare, and wound the barke, the skin of our fruit-trees, least being ouer-proud with sap and blood, with too much riches it confound it selfe?

  • Yap
  • "i was just spoiling for the fray," said henty, comically; "another minute and i'd have thrown that yap out."

  • Gap
  • Coiloo was standing in the narrow gap, holding it against a hundred of his fellow tribesmen.

    And young brothers that could be tryin to rap Instead, are out boostin clothes at the gap

    – Children R The Future by big daddy kane
  • Was
  • It was always 4s.

  • Wa
  • I met her in the place where there are many lawed vines, and when you cut their leaves they smile," said ibago wa agimlang.

  • Wasp
  • A sharp fusillade had now been opened on us, and we heard the bullets pattering on our iron screen like unearthly hail, but in spite of this the launch darted like a wasp under the monitor's bow.

  • Hap
  • So dainty and delightsome a little book may it be everybody's good hap to possess.

  • Way
  • 13,173. in what way is the price of the meal fixed for the year?

  • Tap
  • When i was like ye, there wasna a house-tap in a' newabbey i didna ken as weel as the sparrows that biggit their nests in them.

  • Wag
  • It was done with a peculiar curving of the neck, a reassuring wag of the tail, a glance toward the coffee-room, and a few frolicsome, kittenish jumps, these last plainly indicating that as for himself the occasion was one of great hilarity, with absolutely no cause in it for anxiety.

  • War
  • You-you'll come back after the war."

  • Wrap
  • The missing wrap was found, and the party moved toward the door.

  • Ap
  • Snobby price pinched it off the drum wen e took ap iz cap.

  • Cap
  • Daniel had clambered on her back, and was trying to pull off her cap.

    And off they all went to p'lice station In front of a Magistrate chap; They told what 'ad 'appened to Albert And proved it by showing 'is cap.

    – Albert And The Lion by Holloway Stanley
  • Wac
  • Even they soon departed; and then i could see the servants passing from room to room extinguishing the lights, and soon the great facade of the palace wac wrapped in darkness.

  • Warp
  • The galactic map appeared, with the warp-lines superimposed in red.

  • Bap
  • Aug 17, 1733. mary, daughter of thomas evershed, bap.

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