Correct spelling for WARANTEES

We think the word warantees is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for warantees

  • Warranted
  • She was thin, isabelle thought, and her face seemed much older than the years warranted.

  • Grantees
  • One of the main objects of the capitulations, besides personal security and trading rights, was to assure religious liberty for the nationals of the grantees.

  • Wariness
  • It was the wariness produced by his ever present danger, that had become habitual to him; the habit of restlessness formed in dark dungeons, expecting hourly to see the door open, to be beaten like a dog, or led off between a double file of muskets to the square of execution; the habit of living perpetually watched, of feeling in every country the espionage of the police around him, the habit of being awoke in the middle of the night in his wretched room in some inn by the order to leave at once; the unrest of the ancient asheverus, who, as soon as he could enjoy a moment's rest, heard the eternal cry-"go on.

  • Warrants
  • I will finish what i have to say on this point of "moral preparation" for freedom, with the remark, that the history of slavery in no country warrants your implication, that slaves acquire such "moral preparation."

  • Variants
  • 458 both variants add e.

  • Guarantees
  • Dorion says it was agreed by the brown-dorion government "that the constitutional question should be taken up and settled, either by a confederation of the two provinces, or by representation according to population, with such checks and guarantees as would secure the religious faith, the laws, the language, and the peculiar institutions of each section of the country from encroachments on the part of the other."

  • Ranters
  • It was all very well for parry-he'd a gift; and in my youth i've heard the ranters out o' doors in yorkshire go on for an hour or two on end, without ever sticking fast a minute.

  • Warranties
  • Normal operations, including employee compensation, warranties, and other customer service were uninterrupted during the bankruptcy proceedings.

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