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How to spell WARMUPSES correctly?

If you've misspelled "warmupses", don't worry! The correct term is "warm-ups". This commonly used word refers to activities performed to prepare the body for exercise. It's worth double-checking spellings to ensure clear communication. Remember, accuracy is key when it comes to language!

List of suggestions on how to spell warmupses correctly

  • amuses The comedian's witty and clever humor amuses the audience.
  • arouses The magical melody that fills the room arouses a sense of joy and excitement in everyone.
  • campuses There are multiple campuses in the university, each offering different academic programs.
  • carouses During the holiday season, my family carouses and enjoys festive parties together.
  • grampuses Grampuses are a species of marine mammal commonly found in coastal waters.
  • marquises The elegant ballroom was filled with nobles and marquises, all adorned in their finest attire.
  • walruses The group of walruses swam gracefully through the icy waters of the Arctic.
  • warhorses During battle, the skilled cavalry rode their warhorses fearlessly into the fray.
  • warmness I basked in the warmness of the sun as I laid on the beach.
  • yarmulkes At the bar mitzvah, all the men wore yarmulkes to show their respect and adherence to Jewish traditions.

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