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How to spell WARRE correctly?

If you meant to type "warre" but made a typo, some possible corrections could be: "war", "wear", "ware" or "wary". Each of these words conveys a different meaning, so double-check the context to choose the correct suggestion. Proofreading and using spell-check can help avoid such mistakes in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell warre correctly

  • aware I was not aware of the new policy.
  • barre She was playing barre on the stage.
  • rare It is quite rare to see a white tiger in the wild.
  • war The war had a devastating impact on the country's economy and infrastructure.
  • warder The warder kept a strict watch over the prisoners in their cells.
  • ware
  • wares The vendor had an extensive range of wares on display at the market.
  • WAREZ She was busted for downloading warez from the internet.
  • warfare The history of the world is plagued with instances of intense warfare.
  • warier She was much warier of strangers since the attack.
  • warmer I need to buy a warmer jacket for the winter season.
  • warner
  • Warred The two tribes warred with each other for many years over land and resources.
  • warren The rabbit dug a cozy warren in the ground to shelter from the cold winter nights.
  • wary I am always wary of strangers who ask for personal information.
  • we're We're the best.
  • Were If I were you, I would take that job offer.
  • where
  • wire I need to buy more wire for the electrical project I'm working on.
  • Wore
  • worry I worry about my health when I eat unhealthy food.

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