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How to spell WATTING correctly?

If someone misspells "watting", there are a few possible corrections. They may have meant "wasting", "wattage" or "waiting". Depending on the context, the correct word can be determined.

List of suggestions on how to spell watting correctly

  • batting She is currently batting .300 in the minor leagues.
  • Catting
  • Hatting
  • matting I need to replace the matting in my photo frames because they are becoming discolored.
  • Patting She was patting her dog while watching TV.
  • ratting I saw you ratting on your friends to the teacher.
  • swatting Swatting is a dangerous and illegal practice that can result in serious harm or even death.
  • tatting My grandmother taught me how to make lace with tatting.
  • Vatting The process of vatting involves blending different batches of whisky to achieve a consistent flavor profile.
  • vetting The vetting process for new staff members is rigorous.
  • wadding She placed wadding on top of the ammunition to protect it from jostling around during transport.
  • wading The child was wading through the shallow water to catch some fish.
  • Wafting The breeze was blowing steadily through the open windows, and the scent of lavender was wafting through the room.
  • waiting They were all waiting for the results of the test.
  • wanting After years of wanting to travel the world, she finally saved enough money to embark on her dream adventure.
  • Warding He spread the herb mixture around the perimeter of his home, warding off evil spirits.
  • wasting
  • Wattling The two boys were wattling each other until one got the better of the other.
  • wetting The wetting agent made the water spread evenly across the surface.
  • Whetting
  • whiting The bowl of shellfish offerings was lined with fresh-caught whiting.
  • witting

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