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How to spell WAUTING correctly?

When faced with the misspelling "wauting", consider possible correct suggestions like "waiting". Double-checking your spelling is crucial to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. Remember to utilize tools like spell checkers to ensure accuracy and maintain effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell wauting correctly

  • Awaiting I am still awaiting the arrival of my package.
  • Bating The cricketers were bating for their team's victory.
  • dating Sarah is nervous about dating because she always worries that she will make a bad first impression.
  • eating I enjoy eating pizza with my friends on Friday nights.
  • gating The gating system in the fence allows access only to authorized personnel.
  • Hating
  • mating The mating season for deer occurs in the fall.
  • Muting I'm muting the sound because I don't want to disturb my roommate who is sleeping.
  • outing
  • rating This movie has a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Sating I need to feed my sating appetite.
  • sauteing
  • swatting A caller reported that they had been swatting someone with a flyswatter.
  • Vatting Vatting is the process of combining different barrels of whiskey to create a specific flavor profile.
  • vaulting The gymnast displayed impressive vaulting skills during her floor routine.
  • Vaunting The vaunting vulture hovered over the corpse.
  • wadding I need some extra wadding for my pillow.
  • wading
  • Wafting The fragrant smell of flowers was wafting through the air.
  • Waging The soldier was waging a fierce battle against the enemy forces.
  • waiting
  • waking
  • Waling
  • waning The moon's waning crescent hung low in the early morning sky.
  • wanting I am wanting to go on a vacation.
  • Warding The witch was warding the spell so that she wouldn't be hurt by the charm.
  • Waring She had a Waring blender.
  • wasting I could tell that she was wasting away.
  • Wattling The farmer spent all day wattling a fence around his property.
  • waving The crowd was waving goodbye as the train pulled away.
  • Welting My grandmother died Welting from the fall.
  • wetting The heavy rainstorm showed the importance of waterproofing our roof to prevent any wetting.
  • whiting I caught a whiting before heading out to sea.
  • wilting The flowers were wilting because they hadn't been watered in days.
  • witting

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