Correct spelling for WAWIT

We think the word wawit is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for wawit

  • await Anything that required his personal attention had to await his return.
  • kuwait Kuwait gas 269 km; oil 540 km; refined products 57 km (2009)
  • pewit A rabbit stuck his ears up over a nearby log and scuttled away when he saw her. The leaves made a lonely sound as they rustled over her head, and when at last she saw a black object moving about among the trees at some distance beyond the rock-pile, it is not surprising that she immediately gave the pewit call, loud and clear.
  • swat In striking, everything counts-bunt, swat or foul tip. The moment bat and ball come in contact the batsman starts for first base.
  • twit ridicule, v. deride, satirize, scoff, rally, banter, burlesque, lampoon, mock, scout, jeer, taunt, twit.
  • vat I will here again repeat that the utmost cleanliness should be observed in all the apparatus; and no tub or vat should be used that is in the least degree mouldy.
  • wad Some wad be gien they daured!
  • wadi At about eight hours from our last night's station, we turned off the Wadi 'Arabah by the narrow Wadi Tayibeh into the heart of the mountains, at the foot of Hor.
  • waft The 16th we saw the island of Ascension, seven or eight leagues to the W.S.W. In the morning of the 28th, the wind westerly and reasonably fair weather, we spoke the Dutch ship, which made a waft for us at his mizen-top-mast head.
  • waist He spoke somewhat rapidly, and smiled, with his hands pushed into the large leathern belt round his waist.
  • wait I am just going to be still and wait."
  • waiter "Because at that time my husband suspected that you turned yourself into a waiter for my sake, and that you could not be indifferent towards me.
  • want "I want Miss Marlett," answered Maitland.
  • wapiti "Wolves don't often attack full-grown wapiti, except when wounded or crippled somehow.
  • wart What will Remove Warts Painlessly?-Touch the wart with a little nitrate of silver, or with nitric acid, or with aromatic vinegar.
  • warty -Twigs greenish, puberulous, becoming lustrous, red-brown in their first winter; on old trunks thick, light brown or silvery gray, broken into deep, short ridges or warty excrescences.
  • watt "There's naethin' to be got the day," said John Watt, rather peevishly, as he pulled up his line and found the bait gone.
  • wet How'd you get wet?
  • whit " Whit," said Asaph earnestly, "you've sartin made the place rise up out of its tomb; you have so.
  • white Suddenly Crotin's face went white.
  • wilt If thou wilt let me speak- Vict.
  • wit But Ormond thought upon this occasion she showed more flippancy than wit, and more ill-nature than humour.
  • Waited He waited breathless for the next words.
  • Wast Lord, Thou beguiled'st me, and beguiled I let myself be, Thou wast too strong for me, Thou hast prevailed.
  • Wot Wot was she doing on the wharf?
  • What What is it, Amarilly?
  • Wist At dead of night their sails were fill'd, And onward each rejoicing steer'd- Ah, neither blame, for neither will'd, Or wist, what first with dawn appear'd!
  • Waite Jerry Waite assumed an air of mock supplication.
  • Witt De Witt, with his usual adroitness, gained the ear of the princess royal, who accepted the proposal that the Estates of Holland should undertake the education of the prince, and even consented that De Witt himself and his wife's uncle, De Graef, should superintend the prince's studies.
  • Walt They must find the bones of Walt Wilder and bury them!
  • wowed

11 words made from the letters wawit

4 letter words made from wawit:

wait, tawi, awit, wiwa, atwi.

3 letter words made from wawit:

waw, tia, taw, wit, tai.

5 letter words made from wawit:


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