How to spell WEA correctly?

The word "wea" may have been intended to be "wear", "we" or "well". Depending on the context, these suggestions could be appropriate. For example, if referring to clothing, "wear" may be the correct spelling. If referring to a group of people, "we" may be more appropriate. If used as an adverb, "well" could be the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell wea correctly

  • DEA
  • ea
  • lea The path we walked on was lined by tall grass and led us to a peaceful lea.
  • pea
  • sea The ocean waves crashed against the rocky shore, and the sea spray hit my face.
  • tea I love to drink hot tea in the mornings.
  • wa
  • We
  • weak
  • weal The doctor used an ointment to heal the painful weal on the patient's arm.
  • wean The mother slowly started to wean her baby off breast milk and introduced solid foods.
  • wear I like to wear comfortable clothes when I'm at home.
  • web I spent hours browsing the web for the best deals on flights to Europe.
  • wed My sister is going to wed her longtime boyfriend next month.
  • wee I have to wee before we leave the house.
  • wei Wei is a traditional Chinese unit of weight equal to 500 grams.
  • wen I have a small wen on my temple.
  • wet
  • yea

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