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How to spell WEAIR correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "weair", fret not! The correct term you may be referring to is "wear". "Wear" refers to the act of having something on one's body, like clothing or accessories. So, next time you want to talk about donning your favorite outfit, remember to use "wear" instead of "weair."

List of suggestions on how to spell weair correctly

  • air The air in the room was filled with the sweet smell of flowers.
  • ear I can hear you loud and clear through my ear.
  • swear I swear that I did not cheat on the exam.
  • waif The little girl looked like a waif, lost and alone on the city street.
  • wail The newborn baby let out a loud wail as soon as she was delivered.
  • wain The farmer filled the wain with freshly harvested hay.
  • wait I'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear the results of the exam.
  • war The war lasted for five years and caused great devastation.
  • weak
  • weaker He was much weaker than she thought.
  • weal The weal on her arm was a result of the mosquito bite.
  • wean It can be difficult to wean a baby off breast milk.
  • wear
  • wearer
  • wearier After hiking all day, the hikers were so wearier than they had anticipated.
  • wears The child wears a bright blue dress.
  • weary After a long day at work, I am feeling very weary.
  • weaver
  • wei I know you are feeling lonely, wei.
  • weir The river was wide and deep, but the weir was much too low for my boat.
  • weird It was weird to see a turtle climbing a tree.
  • weirs They built a series of weirs to control the flow of the river.
  • whir I could hear the whir of the fan as soon as I entered the hot and stuffy room.

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