How to spell WEAPY correctly?

If you meant to type "weapy" but realized it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. It could be "weepy", meaning tearful or easily moved to tears. Alternatively, it could be "wavy", describing a hairstyle or pattern with soft curves. Remember to proofread to ensure accurate communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell weapy correctly

  • heap I need to clean up this heap of clothes on my bedroom floor.
  • leap He took a leap of faith and quit his job to start his own business.
  • neap Neap tides occur when the sun and moon's gravitational pulls are perpendicular to each other.
  • peppy My friend is always peppy and full of enthusiasm when she goes running in the morning.
  • reap I reap the benefits of my labor.
  • soapy The soapy water was washing the dishes.
  • wary She was wary of strangers, but smiled when he greeted her.
  • wavy Her hair was wavy and flowed down her back in gorgeous curls.
  • way I have a way to prove it to you.
  • weak After being sick for a week, I felt incredibly weak and had trouble standing.
  • weal She made a generous donation to the local weal.
  • wean It's time to wean the puppy from its mother's milk and introduce it to solid food.
  • weapon I always feel safer with a weapon at my disposal.
  • wear
  • wears She often wears a blue dress.
  • weary After a long day of work, I felt weary and just wanted to go home and relax.
  • weave I weave a rug from this wool.
  • weedy The vacant lot had become overgrown and weedy after several months of neglect.
  • weeny I can't believe my little WEENY is eating all that junk food!
  • weep The child began to weep when their ice cream fell on the ground.
  • weeps He certainly weeps like a child.
  • weepy The weepy movie made me cry throughout the entire duration.
  • Wept
  • wimpy I'm not very wimpy.
  • wispy I felt a wispy breeze on my face.
  • wrap I need to wrap this gift before I give it to my friend.

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