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How to spell WEARI correctly?

The correct spelling for "weari" is "weary". This common misspelling often occurs due to an unintentional omission of the 'y'. To avoid this mistake, double-check the word's spelling in a dictionary or use online tools that provide suggestions for correctly spelled words.

List of suggestions on how to spell weari correctly

  • rear The car in front of me suddenly stopped and I had to slam on my brakes, causing the person behind me to rear-end my vehicle.
  • war The war led to the displacement of countless families.
  • ware
  • wary She was wary of entering the dark alley alone at night.
  • we're We're just hanging out.
  • wear
  • wearer
  • wearied After working all day, Sharon felt wearied and wanted to go to bed.
  • wearier After running a few laps, she was feeling much further wearier than she had expected.
  • wearies The constant noise of the traffic wearies me.
  • wearily I walked wearily for miles without rest.
  • wearing
  • wears He always wears a hat when he goes outside.
  • weary After a long day of work, she felt so weary that she just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep.
  • wei This tea smells like wei quan.
  • weir There was a weir across the river.
  • Were Were you reading the book in the library?

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