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How to spell WEASTED correctly?

The correct spelling for "weasted" is "wasted". It is a common misspelling that can be easily corrected. To avoid confusion, one can use various suggestions like "w-a-s-t-e-d", "w-a-i-s-t-e-d" or simply "w a s t e d". Double-checking spelling prior to finalizing written works is essential to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell weasted correctly

  • Basted I basted the turkey with butter and herbs before roasting it.
  • bested Despite his best efforts, John was outmatched and ultimately bested by his opponent in the chess tournament.
  • Boasted He boasted about his achievements to anyone who would listen.
  • Coasted After changing his car's oil, he coasted down the hill for almost a mile.
  • Fasted She fasted for three days in preparation for the religious ceremony.
  • Feasted The guests feasted on a delicious meal at the wedding reception.
  • Hasted
  • heisted The jewelry store was heisted last night and the police are currently investigating the scene.
  • Jested Have a jested at the situation.
  • Lasted Today was a good day; it lasted.
  • masted The old ship had three masted sails.
  • nested The nested parentheses are necessary to ensure that the brackets are respected.
  • oersted He discovered the electric force in 1892 and called it Oersted.
  • pasted I pasted a photo of my family in my scrapbook.
  • rested After a long day of hiking, I finally sat down and rested my weary feet.
  • roasted I loved roasted marshmallows over my hot chocolate.
  • seated She was seated at the front of the airplane, eagerly waiting for takeoff.
  • Sweated I sweated profusely during my intense workout.
  • Tasted I tasted the soup before adding any further seasoning.
  • tested I tested negative for COVID-19 after getting a rapid PCR test.
  • toasted I toasted the bread for my sandwich.
  • vested The CEO's vested interest in the company's success was apparent through her tireless efforts to ensure its growth.
  • Wafted The smell of freshly baked bread wafted through the air, tempting everyone within nose-shot.
  • Waited I waited for my turn in the line.
  • wanted I'm wanted in three states.
  • waste I try my best to avoid waste by recycling and composting.
  • wasted She was wasted with her friends.
  • waster He was labeled as a waster by his peers due to his excessive partying and lack of ambition.
  • wastes The factory near the river was releasing toxic wastes, contaminating the water supply for nearby communities.
  • weaseled I weaseled my way into the party.
  • Welted She weaved a colorful welted rug.
  • worsted This yarn is a worsted weight which is great for knitting sweaters or other cloth items.
  • Wrested He wrested the gun from the robber's hand and held him until the police arrived.

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