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How to spell WEASTEN correctly?

If you've mistyped "weasten" but intended to write "western", fear not! Autocorrect or hasty typing can lead to such errors. Simply correct this inadvertent misspelling to convey the intended meaning accurately. Remember to proofread before hitting send to avoid confusion and present your ideas flawlessly.

List of suggestions on how to spell weasten correctly

  • beaten Her husband was arrested because he had beaten their son.
  • chasten His mistakes were numerous, and the public criticism chastened him.
  • Easter During Easter, many families attend church services and participate in Easter egg hunts.
  • eastern The Eastern Hemisphere encompasses more than half of the world's population.
  • Easton I went to the Easton shopping center to buy a new pair of shoes.
  • eaten The cookies were all eaten by the time I got home.
  • fasten She had to fasten her seat belt before the plane took off.
  • feasted The guests feasted on the delicious food at the wedding reception.
  • feaster As a feaster, he always saved room for dessert.
  • hasten We must hasten to make a decision before it's too late.
  • hearten The supportive comments from his friends heartened him during the difficult time.
  • neaten She decided to neaten up her desk before beginning her work.
  • refasten I need to refasten the button on my shirt.
  • waste I tried to reduce my carbon footprint by composting my food waste.
  • wasted He felt like he had wasted his entire weekend binge-watching TV shows.
  • waster He's such a waster, he spends all his time playing video games and doesn't contribute anything to society.
  • wastes The factory pollutes the river with its toxic wastes.
  • weaken Lack of exercise can weaken the body's overall health and stamina.
  • weasel The weasel darted through the underbrush, its sleek body barely making a sound.
  • Weasley Ron Weasley is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series.
  • Webster I consulted Webster's dictionary to find the definition of a new word.
  • wester The westerly wind brought a chill to the otherwise warm day.
  • western I prefer wearing western-style clothing when I go on horseback riding adventures.
  • Weston Weston was renowned for his expertise in botany.
  • wheaten My dog is a beautiful wheaten terrier with a soft, fluffy coat.

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