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How to spell WEAZING correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling weazing, it could be referring to wheezing, a condition characterized by a high-pitched whistling sound while breathing. Other possible correct suggestions include "weaving" for textile workers or "swazing" for a non-existent word. It is important to double-check spelling to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell weazing correctly

  • Ceasing The heavy rain showed no signs of ceasing anytime soon.
  • Dazing The bright sun was dazing me and I had to shield my eyes.
  • easing The doctor recommended gentle exercises for easing the pain in my joints.
  • fazing The loud music wasn't fazing the party guests at all.
  • Gazing I was gazing out the window when I saw a squirrel dart across the street.
  • Hazing In the 1970s, Greek fraternities and sororities did hazing rituals to humiliate new members.
  • Lazing I spent the entire morning lazing in bed.
  • Leasing
  • razing The city council approved the razing of the old factory building to make way for a new mall.
  • seizing The lion was seizing its prey with its sharp claws.
  • teasing
  • wading The children were wading through the shallow water, looking for shells and small fish.
  • Waging She was waging a war against obesity.
  • waking
  • Waling
  • waning The moon was waning as it slowly disappeared from view.
  • Waring
  • waving The little girl was waving enthusiastically at her parents from the school bus.
  • waxing I enjoy waxing my car to make it shine.
  • weaning Weaning is the process of gradually reducing a child's dependency on breast milk or formula and introducing solid foods.
  • wearing I'm wearing my favorite sweater today.
  • weaving My grandmother is very skilled at weaving baskets.
  • webbing The spider was spinning intricate webbing from one end of the room to the other.
  • wedding The wedding reception was held at a beautiful venue overlooking the ocean.
  • Weeding I spent the entire afternoon weeding the flower beds in my garden.
  • weening The process of weening off caffeine can lead to headaches and irritability.
  • weeping The sound of weeping in the funeral home was overwhelming.
  • Welling Her eyes were welling with tears as she read the heartbreaking letter.
  • wetting I was wetting my hair in the shower when I realized I forgot the shampoo.
  • Whaling The whaling industry is declining because of conservation
  • wheezing Johnny was wheezing and coughing all night due to his asthma.

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