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How to spell WEEARS correctly?

If you meant to type "wears" but misspelled it as "weears", here are some possible correct suggestions. Double-check the spelling, ensuring you only use a single 'e', as in "wears". Alternatively, you could spell it as "wears'". Remember, spellcheckers are useful tools to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell weears correctly

  • EARS
  • swears He swears that he didn't steal the money from the register.
  • veers The car veers off the road and crashes into a nearby tree.
  • Wars One of the world's biggest wars is going on in Syria.
  • weals Believe me, if there were two things I hated more than spiders, it was being tangled up in weals.
  • weans The mother cat gradually weans her kittens, allowing them to transition from milk to solid food.
  • wear I usually wear a sweater in the evening because I get cold easily.
  • wears
  • weeders The weeders are coming today.
  • weeds
  • weeks It will take weeks for the repair to be completed.
  • weeps She weeps quietly in the corner, trying to hide her tears from others.
  • WEES
  • weirs Ancient weirs were used to regulate the flow of water in rivers and canals.

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