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How to spell WEEN correctly?

If you're mistakenly typing "ween" when you intend to write another word, a few possible suggestions come to mind. If you meant "ween" as in "weening", a better option could be "wean". Alternatively, if you wanted to say "ween" as a slang term for "to determine or evaluate", "mean" or "deem" might be suitable alternatives.

List of suggestions on how to spell ween correctly

  • Been
  • e'en I did not e'en contemplate the possibility of such a situation arising.
  • keen
  • peen She had a hard time keeping a straight face when he mentioned his peen.
  • seen
  • teen The teen was excited to start their first job.
  • tween My little sister is a tween and is obsessed with TikTok.
  • wean Do you wean your child gradually?
  • wee I can't believe it's Friday already! Wee!
  • weed I need to remove the weed from my garden before it takes over the whole area.
  • week I will be in town for the whole week.
  • Ween The Ween comeback tour is definitely worth getting tickets for.
  • weeny I have a weeny little dog.
  • weep She couldn't help but weep at the sight of her childhood home being demolished.
  • WEES
  • wen I can't believe you would forget your wen!
  • when I know when we're done.
  • wren The wren's cheerful song could often be heard in the garden.

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