How to spell WEEPED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "weeped" instead of the correct spelling, which is "wept", don't fret! It happens to the best of us. A simple correction would be to replace the "e" with a "t", resulting in the accurate spelling. Keep your head up and continue writing with confidence!

List of suggestions on how to spell weeped correctly

  • beeped The car horn beeped loudly, jolting me out of my daydream.
  • Cheeped Billie got cheeped at the store.
  • heaped She heaped the fresh vegetables into a basket for dinner.
  • Leaped I leaped out the window.
  • Peeped I peeped through the window to see if anyone was in the room.
  • pepped I was feeling unmotivated until my friend pepped me up with some encouraging words.
  • Reaped After the harvest, the reaped was taken to the field to be burned.
  • seeped Water seeped through the cracks in the roof during the heavy rainstorm.
  • Veered The car suddenly veered off the road and crashed into the ditch.
  • warped The wood in the old antique chair had warped over time, making it uncomfortable to sit on.
  • weaned The baby was fully weaned off breast milk and now drinks formula from a bottle.
  • Weaved She weaved the yarn back and forth to create a beautiful tapestry.
  • webbed The ducks' feet are webbed, allowing them to swim proficiently.
  • wedded After years of dating, the couple finally wedded in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by loved ones.
  • wedged The cat was wedged in between the couch cushions and couldn't get out.
  • weed
  • weeded He weeded the garden to prepare it for planting.
  • weeder I need to Weeder the veggies before I roast them.
  • weened The baby has been weened from its mother's milk and is now eating solid food.
  • weep She could not help but weep when she saw the devastation caused by the hurricane.
  • weeper The weeper could not control her tears during the sad movie.
  • weepie I don't like watching weepie movies because they always make me cry.
  • weeps As the sun sets, the lonely willow tree weeps for the memories of its lost loved ones.
  • weepy I can't watch weepy movies; they always make me cry.
  • Welled The welled water surged up around her feet.
  • wheeled I'm going to take my wheeled luggage with me.
  • Wheezed After running a mile, she wheezed and struggled to catch her breath.
  • whelped The dog whelped a litter of ten puppies.
  • Wiped She wiped the tears from her eyes after watching the emotional movie.

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