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How to spell WEEVE correctly?

If you meant to say "weave", try checking your spelling. This will help ensure that your message is clear and professional. If you are having trouble with spelling, consider using a spell checker or looking up the correct spelling online. With some dedication and effort, you can improve your spelling and communication skills.

List of suggestions on how to spell weeve correctly

  • EAVE
  • eve On the eve of his graduation, John felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety about his future.
  • peeve
  • reeve
  • swerve I averted my gaze when I noticed him starting to swerve.
  • verve Her verve and enthusiasm for life were contagious and inspiring to those around her.
  • waive The club decided to waive the player's contract and let him go.
  • wave A large wave hit the shore and soaked my clothes.
  • we're
  • we've We've been here for hours and there's still no sign of him.
  • weave She learned how to weave beautiful baskets from her grandmother.
  • Weaved The weaved text looked beautiful.
  • weaver The weaver worked carefully, handcrafting a beautiful tapestry.
  • weaves My mother weaves amazing purple and green baskets.
  • wee "I had a wee bit of tea before bed last night.
  • weed I need to remove the weed from the garden before it spreads any further.
  • weeder My neighbor lent me her weeder to help me get rid of the pesky weeds in my garden.
  • week
  • Ween
  • weep The woman couldn't help but weep when she received the news of her son's passing.
  • weeper The mournful weeper sobbed uncontrollably at the funeral.
  • weepie
  • WEES
  • weevil The weevil infestation destroyed the entire harvest.
  • Were Where were you when the werewolf attacked?
  • WHEE Jenny shouted "whee!" as she went down the slide at the playground.
  • wheeze I could hear my grandfather when he would wheeze after climbing up the stairs due to his asthma.
  • wive I have heard that many men wive more than once in their lifetime.
  • Wove She wove a beautiful tapestry using a variety of colorful threads.

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