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How to spell WEHTER correctly?

If you meant "weather", here are some possible correct suggestions: weather, whether, leather, feather, heather. It is important to double-check your spellings before submitting any written work, and to rely on spell-check and online resources if needed.

List of suggestions on how to spell wehter correctly

  • deter The presence of a security guard can deter potential thieves from stealing.
  • eater He's a picky eater and only eats certain types of food.
  • meter I used a meter to measure the length of the room.
  • peter Peter is a talented musician who can play multiple instruments.
  • sweater I need to buy a new sweater for the cold weather.
  • sweeter The apple pie tasted sweeter with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
  • tweeter I need to replace the broken tweeter in my stereo system before the upcoming party.
  • waiter
  • walter Walter gave a long sigh of relief.
  • waster
  • water
  • weather I'm going to check the weather forecast before I go outside.
  • weber
  • Wedder
  • weeder I used a weeder to pull the weeds out of the garden bed.
  • welder I need a welder to fix the TV.
  • welter The welter of activity was overwhelming.
  • wetter It rained all day yesterday; today, it's wetter.
  • wetters I need to get some wetters so I can put my shoes away.
  • whiter She was absolutely beautiful and beyond whiter than any other person in the room.
  • winter I love skiing in the winter, but I hate how cold it gets.

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