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How to spell WEITE correctly?

For the misspelling "weite", two possible correct suggestions are "white" or "write". "White" refers to the color, while "write" means to put words on paper or compose something. It's important to pay attention to context when suggesting correct spellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell weite correctly

  • wait We are going to have to wait for them to arrive.
  • Waite My great-great-grandfather, John Waite, was a Confederate colonel.
  • Waited I waited for hours for my best friend to arrive.
  • waiter
  • wee I'm feeling a wee bit sick.
  • weft The weft in this rug is made from 100% wool.
  • wei
  • weir Over the weir, the river broadened into a deep and beautiful estuary.
  • weird It's weird to see a cat chasing a squirrel up a tree.
  • welt The tight shoes left a painful welt on her ankle.
  • welter The boxer tried to defend himself from the welter of punches thrown at him.
  • Went I went to the grocery store to buy milk.
  • Wept I wept until there were no tears left.
  • west I love to watch the sunset over the West Coast.
  • wet
  • wets I always carry extra tissues with me when I'm sick, because my nose constantly wets.
  • wetter It's been wetter than usual this month.
  • whit The fresh snow covered the ground in a soft white blanket, leaving not a single whit of green grass visible.
  • white
  • Whited I couldn't believe how much my teeth had " Whited" after using that new toothpaste.
  • whiten She wants to whiten her teeth.
  • whiter Her teeth looked much whiter after using the new whitening toothpaste.
  • Whites The Whites of his eyes glistened in the sunlight.
  • whitey There's no need to be racist, whitey.
  • wide The wide river borders the valley.
  • wit She had the wit to double cross him.
  • withe The basket was made from withe branches.
  • wits She used all her wits to solve the puzzle.
  • Witt I am very happy to have made new friends at Witt High School.
  • write

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