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How to spell WEKAE correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "Wekae", it's likely a typo. Some possible suggestions could be "Wake" or "Week". It's always a good idea to double-check and proofread to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell Wekae correctly

  • DeKay I am a big fan of the actor Dichen DeKay.
  • EAE I am planning to attend the EAE information session to learn more about their game development program.
  • eke In order to make ends meet, she had to eke out a living by working two jobs.
  • peke I bought a peke puppy to surprise my daughter for her birthday.
  • pekoe I enjoy starting my day with a cup of aromatic pekoe tea.
  • wakame I love adding wakame, a type of seaweed, to my miso soup for its unique flavor and nutritional benefits.
  • Wake I need to set multiple alarms to ensure I wake up on time for my early morning flight.
  • wake I set multiple alarms to ensure I would wake up on time for my important morning meeting.
  • weak After being sick for weeks, my body was weak and I could barely stand.
  • weaken The continuous exposure to water began to weaken the wooden structure of the old bridge.
  • weaker His opponent was much stronger, leaving him in a weaker position during the boxing match.
  • weal The government's primary concern should be the weal and wellbeing of its citizens.
  • wean As the child grew older, the mother decided it was time to wean him off breastfeeding and introduce solid foods.
  • wear She likes to wear a different color of nail polish every week.
  • weave The skilled artisan used a traditional technique to weave a beautiful tapestry.
  • WECA WECA is an abbreviation for the Western Energy Control Area.
  • wedge She used a small wedge to prop open the door.
  • wee I hope we can take a wee break and rest for a little while.
  • WEEE The recycling program accepts all types of electronic waste, including WEEE.
  • were They were excited to meet their favorite celebrity at the event.
  • Wesak Wesak, also known as Vesak, is a significant Buddhist festival celebrated with great reverence in many countries.
  • woke Ever since attending that social justice workshop, she has become more woke to the systemic inequalities in society.
  • Zeke Zeke is my neighbor who always has a smile on his face.

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