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How to spell WEKK correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "wekk" when you intended to write "week", don't worry - it can happen to anyone. Here are a couple of correct suggestions to rectify this misspelling: "week" or "weak". Make sure to double-check your writing to avoid such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell wekk correctly

  • beak
  • beck He heard the beck of the river and decided to follow it.
  • berk This berk is a real pain in the neck!
  • deck I will sit on the deck and watch the sunset.
  • Eek The mouse scooted away when I came closer, issuing a loud eek from its hiding place.
  • Eke In order to afford his dream vacation, he was forced to eke out every penny from his savings account.
  • geek I'm not a geek, but I think he's kind of a geek.
  • heck
  • Keck He loves to play golf and Keck is his favorite brand of golf clubs.
  • leak
  • leek I'm not eating that leek!
  • meek The boy was too meek to speak up in front of the class.
  • neck My neck feels tense.
  • peak Peak hours are from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • peck I picked up a peck of feathers from the ground.
  • peek I couldn't resist taking a peek at the surprise party decorations before the guests arrived.
  • peke I'm going to feed the peke.
  • perk The perk of this job is the salary.
  • reek The bathroom began to reek of mold and mildew.
  • seek I seek advice from experienced coworkers before making important decisions.
  • teak The outdoor furniture set was made of high-quality teak wood.
  • tweak
  • wake I wake up every morning at 6 o'clock.
  • walk
  • We We are going to the beach today.
  • we'd We'd love to come to the party, but unfortunately, we have prior engagements.
  • weak He felt weak after being sick for several days.
  • weal The charity organization's main objective is to promote the weal of disadvantaged communities.
  • wean It's important to gradually wean a puppy off their mother's milk as they grow older.
  • wear I love to wear comfortable clothes on the weekend.
  • web I'm using the web to find the answer to your question.
  • webb I'm going to WEBB my bedroom.
  • wed We are planning to wed in a beautiful garden next summer.
  • wee I'll need a wee bit of time to finish this task.
  • weed
  • week
  • weeks I haven't seen my friend in weeks because she's been busy with work.
  • Ween Ween performed at Widespread Panic's Halloween show.
  • weep She couldn't help but weep tears of joy when she saw her husband for the first time in three years.
  • WEES
  • wei
  • weir The river weir was a magnificent sight.
  • well Aren't you well?
  • wen She had a small wen on her chin that required medical attention.
  • Were If I were a bird, I would fly over the mountains.
  • wet
  • whelk
  • wick Put the wick in the oil and light the candle.
  • wiki I found the wiki page on spiders.
  • wink She gave me a subtle wink before walking away.
  • WK
  • wok
  • Woke I woke up early today and feel very refreshed.
  • wonk After an hour of wonk-ery, I was ready to go home.
  • work
  • wreak The hurricane will wreak havoc on the coastal communities.
  • wreck The shipwreck was sitting at the bottom of the ocean as a reminder of the devastating wreck.
  • Zeke This Is Zeke's House

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